A Bit o’ Fru-Fru for the Studio

A Bit o’ Fru-Fru for the Studio

I’ve been dedicating and spending more time this week to work in the studio and get some artsy fartsy things done. Really, it’s mostly done, just some odds n ends that I am working on like painting my InkStak making some fru-fru stuff for the space and some minor picking up of the place.

I pulled out my fabulous little Bernina machine, some fabric and thread and went to work inventing some fru-fru to coordinate with my curtains. I also made a little adjustment to the “ties” on my curtains (McCall’s “Home Dec in a Sec” Pattern # M4329 View B – Empire Valance) as the teeny weeny thin ribbon just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted to use that cool green fabric in the curtains but didn’t have quite enough of it.

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Anyway, back to the Fru-Fru Invention…. I wanted some blingy something or other and have been enjoying looking at other ppl’s spaces (not just papercrafters) and have seen some FABULOUSO chandelier lights and things in some spaces that are making me droooool. Well, a chandelier would look sorta ridiculous in this space and the ceilings are a bit too low for a dangly piece of lovely fru-fru, so I got to thinking about what I liked about them… Turns out I like the dangly crystals and fringe and shininess of it all so I thought about what I could do to add a little dangly/shiny/fru-fru fringe in this space.

Chair Wraps

With Fringe

And Ties


So yeah… I pulled out the leftover fabrics from making the curtains and went to town. I was too lazy to go to the fabric store and look for a pattern, so I just sorta “winged it” and fit the fabric to the chairs and whipped up some ties. I really like the mismatched patterns. (It has taken me YEARS to figure out that you can mix and match patterns as long as they have colors that compliment/coordinate. Dang “ocd”… lol)

The funky fun orange and fuschia beaded/circle fringe (this is the chandelier part cuz I couldn’t find the “just right” crystal beads) was a fun find at JoAnn’s but I found out you can get it slightly cheaper at WalMart. The fringe is stitched on with a fun, decorative stitch. The wraps fold over the top of the chair and then tie around themselves to the back of the chair. The paisley fabric is actually a really cool hot pink color that I can’t quite get a good photo of…. ergh.

Here are some snapshots of the chair wraps. {Click photos for larger view.}


10 thoughts on “A Bit o’ Fru-Fru for the Studio

  1. Thank you, Lisa! 🙂I just edited to add the pattern information. McCall’s “Home Dec in a Sec” Pattern # M4329 View B – Empire ValanceI think I picked it up at WalMart or JoAnn’s. (I think that J’s is having a $1.99 pattern sale right now, too!)

  2. Wow! Who da thunk you could do something like that for the chairs in your craft room? They look fabulous! Great job. I check out your blog pretty regularly since I bought one of your stamp ink staks. I’m the one that asked for the extra trim on it to make it look like furniture. I totally love it, so tell your husband he did awesome! I can’t wait til I have my own room to put all my sewing/scrapbook/stamping stuff. Looking at your space makes me drool! Your curtains are right up my alley too! Hmmm…more things to dream about. My dream house is sooooo beautiful….

  3. I absolutely LOVE your craft room! You are so creative and fun. I visit often to see your wonderful creativity and am sharing a blog award with you! It can be found on my stampin’ blog.

  4. You're right! Fru fru curtains, top search result! You are now officially the queen of fru fru.

    LOVE the chair covers. May need to get my scrap bag out. Wouldn't my studio look fab with 12 folding chairs dressed up like this? Thanks for the inspiration!

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