Bling It, Squid!

Bling It, Squid!

When I get to visit with my family I love to do things with my niece, Squid. Squid LOVES jewelry, bling, and pretty things. (Hey, like her favorite auntie!)

Anyway… one of the days she was here we made a bracelet and necklace set for her. For a little squirt, she’s pretty good at stringing beads. She even helped me make an adult styled bracelet for my mom back in May when B & I were in Iowa.

Here we are having our own adventure “building” a bracelet for Squid the Kid… Because she’s only 3, we used some larger beads and stretchy string.

Picking out the beads:


“Need middles for the flowers, Erin!”



{A very tired} Auntie Erin getting it started:


Squid can do it herself! {Auntie Erin helped with getting the flowers and centers on, Squid did the silver hearts and loved it.}

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“Ta Daaaaaaaa!!!!”



The final result and one happy {and very tired} Squid. The necklace was an afterthought. We had some beads leftover and she loved the big pink hearts. 🙂


Such a cheeser… look at those tired eyes… We had too much fun all week!




Inky Smiles!

Next up, Jewelry for Grown Ups (later TODAY… it’s scheduled)… and then CARDS!

(See ya after work!)

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