Chinese Crystal Jewelry Set

Chinese Crystal Jewelry Set

I know it’s been a while since I promised to show you the necklace I made at my jewelry class earlier this month.  This month sure has gotten away from me as I am sure it has for most of us.  Today we got the last of our Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree and tackled some household chores before Christmas arrives including Mt Grotegut, the ever growing mountain of laundry.  We’ve been somewhat “lax” on it this past week with all the Christmas festivities and preparations… anyway… it’s nearly done… for now… haha.
So I have had so much fun wearing this jewelry set.  I’ve worn it nearly every chance I get.  It matches EVERYTHING, almost literally, with all the fun colors in it. It’s been particularly festive to wear to various Christmas parties and gatherings.

I purchased these strands of mixed crystals at a gem fair that came through here this summer for a ridiculously low price and can’t wait to see if the gem show folks bring more back this spring. I just love these beads!

Here’s the necklace.  It’s made with silver plated 26 gauge wire and closes with a silver plated toggle clasp.

A closer view of the strands.


I did a very simple strung beads bracelet to go with it. Actually, I made this bracelet about a month prior to making the necklace.  I was anxious to make a necklace to go with it but got busy doing other things again.  The bracelet is strung on tiger wire and closes with a silver plated toggle clasp.
I am most excited about this piece… a handmade ring..  I used 14 gauge silver plated wire with a mandrel to create this 4 wire wrapped ring (say that 4 times fast). I “sewed” the beads on with silver plated wire and secured with “knots”.  I LOVE this ring.  it is fun to wear and catches the light nicely… I love when it catches the sunlight when I’m driving and I am surrounded by hundreds of sparkly dots reflecting on the car surfaces.  It’s magical!

{Pardon my wrinkly grandma hands.  I’ve always had
wrinkly hands…I attribute it to using them a lot. HAHA!}

I’ve had so much fun making jewelry lately and have scheduled a couple more classes for January outside of my home.  Want a class?  Just ask me and I’ll send you the details.
Thanks for stopping by today! Leave me a comment and let me know what you find most challenging about jewelry making… I’m dreaming up some technique posts…
Have a marvelous week!
Inky Smiles!

8 thoughts on “Chinese Crystal Jewelry Set

  1. Gorgeous, Erin! The colors are wonderful and I can see how they go with everything. I think that ring is fabulous. (Love the comment about why you think your hands are “wrinkly”…yep, you do use them and very lovingly).

    Jewelry making requires time, patience and good tools and supplies. Plus an eye for color/design and what looks good together. Sometimes, okay, lots of times, I feel lacking in those areas. LOL

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  2. Hey…can you come to Texas and teach me (SMILE)! I make jewelry but it's usually the chunky, multi-strand stuff…nothing like this!!! I would LOVE to learn how!

  3. Hey ladies! Thank you for your comments!

    @Kari – Jewelry is like fine china… you don't have to wait for a special occasion. Wear it just because you CAN. I wear jewelry all the time… running errands, to work, to church, wherever. I've been wearing this particular set with jeans and a nice shirt. I think it would look awesome with jeans and a crisp white button up collared shirt with a cami underneath.

    @ Jeanne – LOL.. yeah, my wrinkly old lady hands. I totally understand what you mean by figuring out what goes together. With the exception of some “professional” color guidelines it's almost always a personal preference.

    @ Katy – TX is a bit far for me, but perhaps a Ustream class in the spring!

  4. Love your jewellery your are one clever chic. I agree wear jewellery because you can-if you wait for “special” occasions you will be waiting forever. wear to your hearts desire and whatever pleases YOU -thats the key- if you feel good about yourself then nothing else really matters-same goes for clothes. it's all about self esteem.

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