Crocheted Necklaces – Jewelry Class Results

Crocheted Necklaces – Jewelry Class Results

I had a jewelry making class at my home on Friday night.  We had 3 girls get sick, but the 6 who made it and, aside from some wire gone wild, had a BLAST!  We did crocheted necklaces and laughed into the wee hours of the night.

Here are the girls and their necklaces. Everyone did long necklaces this time. Totally fun!  (There are only 5 who finished because Sierra’s wire was literally hopelessly tangled and she has to start over with new wire.) Note to self:  Only use wire on a spool.  The looped wires are a nightmare!

Her necklace was wild ‘n chunky, but really not that heavy.

IMG_2113web  IMG_2114web

She finished quickly so I whipped up a pair of earrings to go with her necklace. LOVE the organic feel to this set!

IMG_2116web IMG_2130web

Amanda also used copper wire and earth toned beads.

IMG_2123web IMG_2121web

Krista went with a classic black and white theme.


Kaisa added some fun focal beads and worked the smaller beads in.

IMG_2131web IMG_2132web

Ginny used earth tones and created a necklace with a vintage feel to it.

IMG_2127web IMG_2126web

I will show you mine in the next couple of days. I created a full set of goodies to go with my necklace. 🙂

So proud of my girls!  They were awesome and this jewelry class was loads of fun!  I will do more on a regular basis after Christmas so if you and your girlfriends would like to learn something fun and fabulous let me know and we can set up a class.

Inky Smiles!

2 thoughts on “Crocheted Necklaces – Jewelry Class Results

  1. I can fully attest to the wire not on a spool being a pita!! I will only use the kind on a spool from now on!

    The necklaces look fabulous!! Well done ladies!! When you make a longer necklace, how do you figure the number/amount of beads you need to get the right length? I'd really like to know. If/when I make more of these necklaces, I find I prefer a longer length. Is there a general guide to it?

    I also noticed when I did mine that one strand was shorter than the other two towards the end of the braiding…do you generally make one longer than the rest for that reason? Dang, wish we lived closer so you could show me your tricks and tips! *Ü*

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