Digi In Deep : Digital Layout – This Is Me

Digi In Deep : Digital Layout – This Is Me

Heya friends!

I went out of town last week (I will share pics tomorrow) and haven’t had a chance to play on the blog yet this week. I’ve got some fun {paper crafting} projects I am working on after I get work tackled today and will share with you as I finish them.

In the meantime, I have this fun layout I just completed for my Digi in Deep class with Jessica Sprague. It’s called “This Is Me” and is LOADED with layers of digital fun! I actually had a BLAST with this lesson and can’t wait to have a little time to work on practicing the skills from the lesson.

There was really no “primping” for this pic… Thank you Jessica! She instructed us to take our photo in the bathroom mirror and “don’t worry about looking hot, you’re going to be blurry anyway.” (….or something to that effect.) I quickly pulled on a bright shirt and threw a headband on to tame the “morning mane” and probably shot 60 pics until I got one that would work. Took some really fun shots, too. I might have to scrap them later!

Some of the skills we learned were: making the scalloped circle frame, adding grungy text as a texture layer, making ghosted (acrylic) flower images, FAKING OUT aperture in Photoshop (the clear finger and blurry me), layering a colored photo over a b&w photo and picking up the color from under neath with a ZILLION layers, scanning your fingerprint, etc… WOWZA! So Fun!

The quote for the inspiration of the “caption tags” is:

“The grand essentials to happiness in this life are somethign to do, someone
to love, and something to hope for.” ~Joseph Addison

week3layout4web-9146431{Click on photo to view larger}

Can you guess how many different layers are in this layout? Like I said, there are TONS of them. See if you can figure it out – err, I mean guess – and I will let you on Friday morning. (Jeanne T and others in the class… shhhhhhhh… please don’t share, yet.)

Inky Smiles!

4/18/08 – UPDATE:
There are two documents in this layout – a photo document (the focal photo and the frames) and the main scrapbook layout page.

The layers are as follows: Photo document – 53 layers, Scrapbook layout page – 46 layers, Total layers = 99 layers!

4 thoughts on “Digi In Deep : Digital Layout – This Is Me

  1. awwww shucks, you mean I can’t spill the beans?? Like I would do that!You all have fun guessin’This class is completely awesome (and so is your layout, Erin)!!Hugs!

  2. I’m blown away just as I was with Jeanne’s layout. I really admire what you are doing but am thinking I don’t have enough brain matter left to absorb it all!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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