Digital Delights…. shaZAAAM!!

Digital Delights…. shaZAAAM!!

Today, for her Photoshop Friday tip, Jessica Sprague showed us a WAY STINKING COOL filter/layer/enhancement technique to jazz up otherwise blah photos.

She calls it shaZAM ….. And boy does she mean it!

Here’s my photo straight out of the camera {S.O.O.C.}:

I followed Jessica’s super easy and clear instructions on her blog.



I have a fabulously shaZAM’d photo.

eringrotegut-shazam-marked-4412584Here are the before and after shots side by side….

eringrotegutshazamphoto-3290642What a difference a Screen layer and an Overlay layer make! And by golly ain’t she the cutest dog you ever did see?

Happy shaZAM’ing!

5 thoughts on “Digital Delights…. shaZAAAM!!

  1. WOW!!! I’m going to have to give this a try!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Lucky you to have your own cherry tree…and those rainier are my FAVES!! Crisp and sweet!! Mmm. Our neighbors on either side have cherry trees but the one set of neighbors just come for weekends in the summer and the birds usually get to the cherries before us…lucky birds!! And I think our other neighbor’s cherries are pie cherries–which is totally fine too–You won’t find me turning down a cherry pie–but they’re not so good for just snacking on!!BTW-I tagged you. 🙂 Deets are on my blog. Have fun with it!!

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