Happy Valentine’s Day “StuffStak Blog Candy Contest”

Happy Valentine’s Day “StuffStak Blog Candy Contest”

Amaryllis and I have been helping each other with major dejunking of our creative spaces over the past few weeks. Her alcove area and my closet have been giving each other a run for their money for the mess…. We’ve been sharing photos of the progress and one day she showed me the pic of her InkStak. I was peering at the pic and noticed that she had some rather interesting “non ink” type items hidden away in her InkStak. “Interesting,” I thought, “more than just ink… hrmmmm.”

So, Amaryllis at Meaux Scraps, and I (mostly Amaryllis and I begged her to share on my blog) came up with a brilliant idea!! We are going to have a combined contest where TWO winner(s) will EACH recieve TWO Close To My Heart- never been opened – paper packs from SUPER GENEROUS Amaryllis’ personal stash and I am including 2 gift certificates for $15.00 off the purchase of an InkStak (one for each winner) to help you “store more stuff”!

Here’s her story (and I’m stickin to it)…..

“I have been doing a lot of cleaning and realize that I have way too much stuff!!!!! Yes, you can tell your significant other that Amaryllis has too much…No, that doesn’t mean she is stopping the shopping!!

So, I love my InkStak!! It makes me smile! It is so handy to have my inks that close to my workspace– now that my work space is cleaned off and can actually be used. Next stop, the kitchen table!

{Click photo for larger view}cf522-stuffstak4web_thumb5b35d-9593393I must admit that my InkStak does a little more than just hold my ink pads… It also holds a box of tooth picks, important in every crafter’s tool box, or InkStak, whatever! I have glitter, and perfume, and sunblock, and 3×5 photos from my husband’s mission to Brazil 13 years ago–yes, I know i am way behind! Markers, lip gloss, some embellishment tape from 7Gypsies on a colored pencil. AAA batteries are a must, right?! I have a bag of white Bigger Brads (CTMH), some pens, my spare car key that I need to have re-programmed so I can actually use it! I also have some coasters from Outback Steakhouse, pliers, a ruler, blank coasters, an AA battery and wire cutters. There is also a pair of scissors & a deck of cards. The deck of cards is important. One day they will be a deck of memories… One down, fifty-one to go! And we’re almost there… I also have a sponge, a pen size hand sanitizer, and some dangle accessories– for ribbon maybe?.. Lotion and a a hammer. Oh, there are also 61 stamp pads in my InkStak!”

Can you find them all?

This is what you must do to enter the contest:

1.) Email (click on email to pull up the address) your answers to each person for a chance on each blog. Email your list of answers like so:


2.) Then, please leave a comment on the blogs so we know to check for your email.

You have until Saturday, February 21st @ noon to submit your answers! We will only draw from those who play the game and send in answers.

We will randomly select 2 entries from the persons who find the most items and posts here or on Erin’s site will win 2 CTMH paper packs, never been used, that Amaryllis has hiding in her stash and a $15.00 gift certificate towards the purchase of an InkStak! So, two winners, one from Inky Smiles and one from Meaux Scraps!

Happy Scraps & Inky Smiles to you! ”

PS… Don’t forget about Erin’s other blog candy contest.…..

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  1. As I mentioned in my email, this contest was a LOT harder than it originally appeared to be. The combination of my old eyes and my little laptop screen didn’t help much either. Great contest! Thank you for sponsoring it. The gift certificate is an awesome idea!

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