Happy WOMEN ROCK day to all my friends, whether you’re a mom or not. Happy WOMEN ROCK day to moms who’s hearts ache for lost and wayward little ones, to women who long to have children but that blessing is denied, to those missing their mothers or other influential women in their lives, to those who may not have had the best experience with their mothers and are sad today.

And Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother, Karen, my mother in law, Rosalind, and my grandmothers!

Happy WOMEN ROCK day!

One thought on “Happy WOMEN ROCK Day

  1. Happy Women Rock Day to you too, Erin! I wish there weren't so many women – those who would be wonderful mothers – denied the privelege. The same goes for children who are living with mothers who are'nt up to the task. It's sad and certainly one of those things we don't understand. I guess if we had it all figured out, life would be a little dull.

    Hope your week is a good one.

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