I Need YOU!

I Need YOU!


Erin needs YOU!!!

I would like to find a new digital “point and shoot” small camera. I have a wonderful dSLR Canon Rebel, but sometimes it is just too bulky and cumbersome to lug around (like amusement parks, restaurants, work parties, and other places where you want something that you can slip in a pocket.)  We went to Lagoon this past Saturday and it was a pain in the bum hauling around the big camera… plus you can’t take it on any rides, so someone always had to wait for the other person.. we finally decided to haul it back to the car and lock it in the trunk.

I prefer Canon, Nikon, and Olympus, and Sony.  Kodak is OUT.  (I had one that died a terrible death, as did my mom’s Kodak… same problem on different models, so I won’t even consider Kodak again.)

Here’s where I need YOU… tell me what you have, why you love it, and if you’ve had problems with it.

Hearing from the horse is always best, not that I am insinuating that any of you look like, smell like, or otherwise resemble a horse.

I look forward to hearing your responses!

9 thoughts on “I Need YOU!

  1. I want a small camera for the same reasons. I had a sony and didn't like it… I actually liked my Kodak… it still works after about 6 years… but I want a newer improved one. I'm thinking probably a Canon because of my Rebel. It will be interesting to see what everyone says.

  2. HI Erin…your Uncle Erin pic cracked me UP!
    Too funny the point and shoot I use (despite buying a Canon Power shot) is a Kodak. I use a Kodak Z740 and it is what I use for all my pics on my blog. I have had it for 5 plus years maybe more. It just takes great pictures. I am looking for a DSLR…and am interested in what you think of your Canon. My Dad is the camera guru and he is aiming me at the Nikon. Do you like your Rebel?

  3. I have a Fujifilm Finepix A800. I got it because it was CHEAP and seemed relatively idiot-proof. I've never bothered to learn what any of the settings are/do, and I still get decent pics, I think… The most I've done is suppress the flash, hit the macro button, and zoom in/out! I figured I'd rather learn on/destroy a cheap one than one I spent lots of $$ on…

  4. I have the same issue with my Rebel–great but I like to have one in my purse. For Christmas Mike bought me a Nikon Coolpix S550, and I LOVE IT! Great pictures, small and convenient.

    The pics I posted on my blog from our DC trip were taken with it. Plus the one from the beach and the boat that are in the layouts.

  5. Okay, after I stopped laughing at your Uncle Erin, I read your post and realized I'm gonna be absolutely NO help to you…for I own a Kodak Z740 (just like Sarah!!). I've had it since Christmas 2006. I saw Pioneer Woman's post this am and thought of you, but I see it's already linked in comment.

    Now…what are you gonna do to share the type of camera you ultimately decide on….hmmmmmm??? Gotta top your Uncle Erin you know! (don't splode from the pressure though…LOL)

  6. So sorry you and mom had problems with the Kodaks. I alsp have a Kodak I lpve. It is the V1233 12 meg and it takes great pix all the time. Even the bad ones look good!!! I have had several others and this one is the best of them. hope you find something you love Erin.

  7. I have a small camera just for the same reason. I actually had my smaller one though before my rebel! I have the Nikon coolpik camera. It is awesome. My kids have Sony and Canon which are also both great but they borrow mine and want to use mine because the zoom is way better than theirs. This one zooms but also after the first zoom if you zoom again it does a closer picture yet again. Theirs do not do that. We have been through many of those canon cybershoot cameras as well as my mother whose also broke and had to be repaired!

    Good luck !

    Denise Wells

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