I’m Now a “Stamp Tramp”!

I’m Now a “Stamp Tramp”!

A while back I mentioned that Heather Timmins from Skipping Stones Design asked me to be on her Design Team. Well, now it’s official. I am a “Stamp Tramp” (that’s what Heather is calling her DT members.) for Skipping Stones Design!

My fellow Stamp Tramps are:

Amanda Gauer-Sewell
Angela Thomas

So what exactly is a Stamp Tramp? Glad you asked… here’s the information from the SSD website. Don’t worry, it’s nothing naughty. Remember, while I am a little spunky and crazy at times, this is a G rated blog I run here.. 🙂

*Stamp Tramp: N :1a: a saucy girl who will do just about anything for stamps. 1b: one, who was born to stamp, but forced to work.

*Top Ten Signs You Might be a Stamp Tramp:

1. You are actually reading this top ten list.

2. Your husband lets you have all the stamps you can hide.

3. When people talk stamps, you don’t think postage.

4. Your fingers have ink on them right now.

5. You consider stamplifting “a crime of passion”.

6. You spill a little wine* on your cardstock and call it an “OFE” (Opportunity For Embellishment).

7. You leave your MIB (Man In Brown) little sticky notes like “Please hide the box under the bushes.”

8. You like getting dirty. (Think Ink)

9. You’ve mastered your stamp kissing technique.

10. You wash your hands “before” going to the bathroom ‘cause there are some places even Stamp Tramps don’t want glitter.

(* or Crystal Light since I don’t drink or whatever your preferred beverage is.)

Do you have what it takes to be a Stamp Tramp? Heather is looking for more fun and spunky stampers to join her teamand a DT call will be going out soon on Splitcoast Stampers. She is also looking for a couple of sketch guest designers. SOOOOOOOOO, if you’re interested and have some Stamp Tramp spunk simply visit the Stamp Tramp page and shoot her an email.

Come join us on this adventure and let’s STAMP!

Inky Smiles!

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