{love} U

{love} U

shopgirle-4537281I love altering things and I love working in our woodshop.shopgirle24web-4061676 This weekend Brent and I spent all day Saturday working on InkStaks & RibbonStaks. We had a variety of 10 to build just on Saturday and it was a super long day. We left the woodshop at 11:15 pm and were just exhausted. While Brent was working on parts of the Staks that require no help from me, I played around with some tools and scraps in the shop. I don’t normally wear jewelry in the shop, but we had a baptism to attend in the middle of it all and I didn’t take off the necklace when I changed back into my grubbies. LOL!

{Love U} Wood Block

This project is made from a 7.25″x5.5″ piece of scrap pine which I drilled a 2 1/8″ hole in with the drill press. I also drilled out a 1 7/8″ circle from scrap hardboard to “fill the hole”. It stands on a flat surface propped up by a peg (cut off dowel) inserted into a hole I drilled in the back.

love-u4web-5623376I painted the wood black with acrylic paint from Apple Barrel and let it dry thoroughly. I cut a heart from scrap paper (fold in half then cut) and then opened the heart and traced onto solid Red Archivers brand cardstock.

I pulled out my Modge Podge (glossy) and slathered up the back of the heart and stuck it to the painted wood. I let that dry for a few minutes to hold the heart in place and then rubbed {love} with American Crafts rub ons. Then I slathered the whole thing up with Modge Podge and worked out the bubbles. (When working with Modge Podge, sometimes you have to gently rub out bubbles when paper gets a little too wet.) I let the whole thing dry for about 15-20 minutes and then pulled out my collection of silver metal embellishments and went to town hammering in these conchos and eyelets (CTMH, Making Memories) into the paper and wood.

loveuclose4web-9260499The “U” circle is made by covering the 1 7/8″ hardboard circle with white cardstock, then adding glitter and slathering the edges with Crystal Effects and sprinkling on Beadazzles beads and glitter. I cut out a small U to fit the circle and used a bit of magic to float the circle in the hole.

Inky Smiles!

6 thoughts on “{love} U

  1. You are my hero! There are a lot of crafty things I would try, but to me all those big tools in the garage are scary. I just cut out pictures of things I like and my grandpa figures out how to make them (dh doesn’t have time. Next on the list is an entry table, but I may have to have him make cute little things I can alter now–LOL!

  2. OOooooooooooo!!!! I’m excited one of those inkstaks is mine. Hey I’m with Amaryllis you can throw in an altered piece of pine when I pick up my inkstak. Love the LOVE U you are most crafty gal I know hands down. Terri I think her given name is “Martha” and she is trying to fool us.

  3. Awww, the smell of fresh cut wood, and saw dust everywhere. My dad used to be a carpenter. We used to get to play with his “scraps” that were left just for us under the cutting table. SO many memories, I can still “smell” it! We’re going to see more “scrap wood” creations aren’t we??? We’d better,hehe. I can see the saw dust flying around right now..LOL!!Sincerely,Sonja

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