Midweek Blog Candy…. MMMM!

Midweek Blog Candy…. MMMM!

Saturday night I spent some time with Brent cleaning out my studio/office. We literally pulled everything out of the “craft” side of the office and did part 1 of a “Clean Sweep” of the room. Have you seen the show? It’s FABULOUS! They take EVERYTHING out of a room, furniture, accessories, JUNK, etc., and then repaint and redecorate the room and load things back into the room. The things that don’t find a home in the room are either donated to charity, sold at their garage sale, or hauled to the dump.

We got as far as hauling it all out of the room, sorting it all, and then put it back in place in the room. Brent even MOPPED the floors for me! YAYYYY! I decided to forgo the whole repainting and decorating part of things because I don’t want to spend the money until I know exactly what I want to do with the space. I know I want some sort of wall cabinets above my workstation and where the G. Washington picture hangs… but not much else…. I am going to bug Brent to put the rest of the handles and knobs back on my desk before this weekend.

Soooooooo, we did get it sorted and dejunked. I have a lot of misc items to put on ebay and a bunch to give away, too! I’ve got a few little party favor “grab bags” of fun things and each one is slightly different.

How many hours did it take us from start to finish to get the studio/office to the clean point it’s at right now? Leave your guess on this post and I will draw 4 winners on Sunday. (If you leave an annonymous comment, please at least give initials or a first name and last initial so that I can identify you if you win.)

Happy Guessing!

75 thoughts on “Midweek Blog Candy…. MMMM!

  1. Come CLEAN MY ROOM…pleeeeeease?!?I’d love you forever if you did!!Hee-Hee!!XOXOXO ~ SusanOh, right, I’ll play along 11.5 hours…it’s really nice looking in the photos and I’m totally jealous!!

  2. You said Saturday Night – does that mean all night?!I’m going to guess 7 hours.However long it took – it looks fabulous. I’m jealous of your creative space. We just moved to a cracker box (thats all there is in Hawaii) and all my scrapping stuff is in the kids room – not the most convenient, but at least I have some room.Lisa P.

  3. What an accomplishment!! Wish mine looked as wonderful. It was nice looking at the pictures. I would say with the two of you that it took 4.5 hours.

  4. What an accomplishment!! Wish mine looked as wonderful. It was nice looking at the pictures. I would say with the two of you that it took 4.5 hours.

  5. I LOVE what you’ve done to the room! Wanna come do mine next? I’ll take all the help I can get! 🙂I’ll guess it took 4 hours and 45 minutes to finish.Amber Fast

  6. I’m so jealous! 1) because your husband actually helps you clean, and 2) because your room looks fabulous and I want mine to look like that! I say that it took 9 1/2 hrs for you to finish.Dani

  7. First off, your room looks Fabulous!! Well now, let’s see, I guess it would depend on how helpful your hubby is! lol!! If he is then I would say around 5 1/2 hours, you did say “some time” so not all evening! .. and I wonder.. would you be willing to rent your hubby out?! Fun Candy too!! Ü

  8. I think it looks beautimous! I know when I do this it is an all day thing so I am going to say 10 hrs start to finish. Now if you stop for breaks and lunch possibly 8 hrs. Anyway take your pick. I know you are probably so glad to have it done!Angie WAwaren6@comcast.net

  9. Hmm…If I had to guess I would say 10 hours. You had help, but it looks like there’s a lot of stuff to sort through. love your space, btw. It looks fabulous!Hugs,Jessi GribbinFIskateer #1093

  10. What a great space! It looks too neat now. lol My guess is it took you about 6 hrs to clean & organize it. Thanks for a chance to win a fun goodie bag.doverdiFiskateer #1329

  11. Your room looks great. I bet it was worth all the time that you put into it. The hard part will be to keep it neat. I think it took you about 10 hours to clean it and put everything back together. Love the stand you have with your inks in it.TFS

  12. I love your units to house your ink pads and ribbon….did you buy them or are they handmade??? Wow…..I only dream of my space being clean. I have as much stuff in a smaller space. Oh well, my guess is 13 hours and 15 minutes. Thanks for the pics, great to get storage ideas from everyones pics.Jodi

  13. Well you had help and it was only mildly messy but needed some sorting. I’m in the process of gutting my space and adding storage units and it is taking me forever….but mine is/was, well lets just say the worst of the worst on “Clean Sweep” ok, ok back to the point of this post. I’ll say 4 hours.Be wellNinahttp://www.buzabouts.blogspot.com

  14. Wow! Looks awesome!My guess…6 hours 11 minutes.I saw that there is another Kelly Jo reading your blog. =) How cool!~Kelly JoFiskateer

  15. Nancysara here for me to clean that area i think it would take me at least two whole days, but it’s depending if u went through the drawers or not, but the way i see it, i think it would have taken 2 whole days..that’s my guess.

  16. I’m going to go with 7 hours and 10 minutes 🙂 I totally want to go on Clean Sweep and have them re-do my office and the kids’ playroom–Haha! Where did you get your jars? I know at one time you said you were hoping to carry them. Every time I find cute ones they are WAY too expensive.

  17. Gads your kidding yours is minor mess compared to mine, with scrap stuff plus the books for 2 business’s. After seeing yours again, I want to sit down int he middle of mine and cry. How about 4 hours and 25 min.

  18. Well, since you only did part 1 of a clean sweep, and only spent “some” time doing it, I’m going to guess about 3 1/2 hours. Optimistic, aren’t I?

  19. It looks so organized. For me it would take a day, or two!!! But I guess you did it in 6 hours. Right?!!

  20. Looks great, Erin! I would have to guess 5 hours, 15 minutes, even though I know it would take me a LOT longer than that to clean and de-junk mine!jena d

  21. I’ll say 5 hours, sorting always takes so long. Looks great. I couldn’t clean my space in hours, I think it would take days, it’s a task I’ve just been avoiding!

  22. I’m gonna say seven and a half hours. Love your room! I wish I was could organize my office like this. I’ve got an office, but I’m set up in my living room so I can watch tv and be with my husband! But boy, it’s a mess!

  23. Well…I’m really slow when it comes to getting things in order and organized…I’m going to guess 17 hours…Fiskateer:1843It looks really great! Enjoy it!

  24. My guess is 6 hours & 50 minutes. It sure looks great and I love the stamp shelf that your equally talented husband made.

  25. I have always dreamed of having Clean Sweep come in and do my craft room and bedroom, but they would definately need more than 2 days! Every thing looks awesome. I love the metal containers next to your ribbons!I’m going to guess it took you 4 hours and 37 minutes.

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