Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful….

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful….

But the snow is so


Uhm… sorta… the jury is still out on that one.

After a LOnG and crazy day in Salt Lake doing this with Mrs Georgia White and her daughter Sue ….


…. this is what I came home to:


Sorry for the blurriness.. it’s difficult to take a decent photo at night while you’re shivering to death.  Brrr.

I could barely get in my driveway….  I had to back up to the curb across the street from my house and get a good “running start/mad dash” because I was in our little Malibu and B had the Tahoe and loverly 4WD.

See the mad dash marks at the top of the photo that Sadie’s in?  That was lil’ ol’ me rolling mah wheels to make it up the driveway….

There’s nothing like mad wheel rollin skills and a crazy lady in a Malibu who has to “go” so bad she’s gonna leave the car in the street and run in the house.  I bet I was some sort of crazy sight… lol!

Thankfully Brent got home a couple of hours later and went to work…again…. so hopefully tomorrow morning we can get out of our driveway…. We’re expecting MORE snow overnight sooo…… ay yi yi.

Here’s my man… hard at work:




I love fluffy snow.

Apparently so does Sadie… for a while.  And then she wusses out with me on the porch.

I think the UPS man forgot we had a sidewalk… see those footprints?  They are going right through my flowerbed.  “Tiptoe… thru the tulips…”  That’s ok.  I can forgive him this time… cuz he delivered my much anticipated box of treasures from Sephora…. Have I told you I heart Sephora yet? Oh, that’s a story for another day!


I think I shall head in now where it’s warm and cozy and enjoy a cup of leftover homemade chili and a chunk of hot cornbread!

Inky Smiles!

3 thoughts on “Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful….

  1. Wow! You surely DID get dumped on! Giggling like mad at your driveway story. Sounds like something I might do, although I'd probably take out the hedge or the split rail fence if I tried that. LOL Hope you enjoyed your chili! You deserved it, for sure!

    We didn't get dumped on like we were told was gonna happen last night. But it could be the storm is stalled somewhere. It's flipping COLD though!

    Stay warm and cozy my sweet friend!

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