On Socks & Funeral Potatoes

On Socks & Funeral Potatoes

It’s been a very trying week. In fact, it’s been a very trying year so far. I won’t recount all the negative things, but I’d like to take a minute to express my gratitude for all the blessings that I DO have including a sweet and wonderful husband to share my life with.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your socks once they go in your dryer? I keep ending up with one sock here and there. There are only two ADULTS living in this house, so I know that we aren’t “losing” our socks, leaving them at friends’ houses or at the playground.

Brent pulled apart the dryer the other day to figure out why the drum stopped rotating and found quite a few treasures including a dryer sheet that had snuck behind the lint catcher AND a LONE {clean but lint covered} SOCK…. crammed into the blower which must have triggered an “auto off” switch to the drum to prevent fire. WHEW!!! It makes me wonder how many other lone socks have escaped through the lint catcher and ended up stuck in a pipe somewhere… hrrrrm… YES, Virginia, there is a Sock Monster. It lives in your dryer behind the lint catcher and feasts on lone socks.

And sadly, Brent’s grandfather, Lavon Wheeler, has been fighting a long battle with pneumonia which also complicated his congestive heart. We went to the hospital on Friday to see him. On Monday morning the nurses asked him what he wanted for breakfast and Grandpa cheerfully replied, “Funeral potatoes”. He teased the nurses and teased the family members who came to visit and say their goodbyes. Brent’s mom told me that he would throw his hand up in the air and wave and say “Goodbye!” or “See Ya!” when family members came to call. That’s Grandpa…

Later that afternoon he answered Heavenly Father’s call and returned Home. {Funeral services will be Friday.} We are grateful for the time that we had with Grandpa and for the love that he shared with all of us. He was a talented woodworker, a family historian, and a loving father and grandfather and loved his little dog, Skip.

We’ll miss you dearly Grandpa and on Friday we’ll all have a big plate of funeral potatoes just for you!

Funeral Potatoes:
Funeral pototatoes are a common tradition served at LDS funerals… I think mainly in Utah because before I moved here I had never heard of them.
They are traditionally served with baked ham, green beans, salad and sheet cake.

  1. Peel potatoes and boil for 30 minutes, until just tender.
  2. Cool and grate into a greased 9×13 inch baking dish.
  3. Heat oven to 350º.
  4. Combine soup, sour cream, cheese, ½ cup melted butter and onion.
  5. Gently blend into the potatoes.
  6. Combine corn flakes and 2 tbsp melted butter. Sprinkle on top.
  7. Bake for 30 minutes.

6 thoughts on “On Socks & Funeral Potatoes

  1. 1-there is a dryer sock monster..i have found socks in the machine too….@@>2-i am so sorry for your loss…sounds like he was a wonderful man

  2. Grandpa Lavon sounds like a man who LIVED right up until the time he left this earth – a very good thing by my estimation and a fact that I’m sure is a comfort to you and Brent. With regard to Funeral Potatoes, they are enjoyed as well by the Scandinavian Lutherans who dominate the population of northern Minnesota. Enjoy your potatoes as you celebrate his life. Oh, and I’m glad, after all these years, to know where those darned socks have been going! Take care, my friend!

  3. I’m so glad Brent’s grandpa was happy and cheerful to the end! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your fam!! I love funeral potatoes!I know the sock monster likes more than just socks… toy horses are a favorite, too. And money!!Love you!!!

  4. What a beautiful testimony to Grandpa Lavon, Erin! Thank you for sharing a bit of this wonderful man with us.I’m so sorry to hear of your loss…he will be missed!I never knew about Funeral Potatoes as that name…my mom used to make “cheese” potatoes that were fabulous…ingredients were similar to the recipe you posted…minus the corn flakes.Yea to B for discovering that there IS such a thing as a sock monster!!!Big hugs to you!!

  5. Sounds like he was living life to the fullest to the very end.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.Charna

  6. Its funny how everyone serves these at LDS family dinners following funerals. I just had some a few weeks ago when my Aunt passed. My kids love them and I make them around christmas. I always call them funeral potatoes but it creeps them out and they insist on calling them Christmas potatoes. Sorry to hear about Brent’s Grandpa. Its hard to say goodbye..

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