Pieces of Me….

Pieces of Me….

Pieces of me are falling off all over as I sit here at work. Pieces on my desk, pieces on payroll {shake off}, pieces on my keyboard, pieces on my shirt. This is annoying….

I have a royal sunburn and I’m peeling and it’s just my face. I look like a leper…. or something… white flakey skin everywhere. It’s gross!

Why I didn’t wear sunblock on Saturday as we planted sod and releveled an area of a friend’s yard, is beyond me. Did I not learn anything in my 30 something summers on this earth? Spent a day on the river in Moab and remembered to slather up in sunscreen, but didn’t do it for the 4 hours I was outside this past Saturday.

Thank goodness for Aloe & Neosporin!

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