Pinterest.. Do you?

Pinterest.. Do you?

So for the past several months I’ve devoted a fair amount of time to a fabulous little website called Pinterest.

Do you   Follow Me on Pinterest ?

If you do, you know the amount of time that gets lost while surfing the fabulous eye candy of recipes, jewelry, craft projects, style ideas…. if you don’t  well, you’re in for a major treat!  Just a click away, Pinterest can transport you to the wilds of imagination and help you crawl out of your creative funk/slump.

The first couple of months I was “on Pinterest”, affectionately referred to as PinHole by my sweet husband because of the black hole effect it has of sucking you in, I lost hours and hours of time… I had to find a solution.  I loved the ideas that I was gathering, AND, using… (Yes, Brent has loved the new recipes we’ve been trying out… it means he actually gets to eat, haha!”)… but I have needed to set some limits on myself so that the rest of the house doesn’t appear to have been sucked into a black hole as well.

So I started setting a timer – and I tell everyone I can who “does Pinterest” to set a timer.  It is your pathway to FREEDOM.

30 mins per day , but not every day for Pinterest. 

It has been working great!  I have regained MY TIME but still gathering ideas… and since I’ve limited my time spent browsing, I actually have time to DO/MAKE/CREATE the ideas I’ve gathered.

My timer was a plain ol’ WalMart $3 something timer and I decided it needed a little bling….  I mean , since I was timing creative central, why shouldn’t my timer be pretty, too?

So I pulled out some bling gems & E6000 glue and went to town.
 IMG_6537-webPinterestTimer IMG_6536-webPinterestTimer

Lots of fun and loads of color!  Happy Pinteresting!

PS… Christmas Festivities have begun at the Grotegut house… tune in later this week for a fun post of this weekend’s festivities. See what these turned into on Saturday night!


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