Pool Fun… Digi Pages

Pool Fun… Digi Pages

So while my sister and her family were here earlier this month (and I was COMPLETELY M.I.A from the computer) we did a LOT of fun stuff! This was the kids’ first visit to Utah (Auntie Erin’s dog lady house with Sadie) and Ryan and Liz’s first visit back in at least 4 years.

One day we spent the afternoon at our city pool. The pool was completed and opened last summer and it is an AWESOME pool. (I do have to jump in and brag up my sweet dh who helped get the pool constructed while on the city council… heck, he even has his name on a plaque at the entrance! 🙂 ) It’s a COOL pool! There is a HUGE area for kids, zero entry (no steps, like a beach), with a splash pad, giant bucket that dumps water on you, kiddie slides, rope pulls to dump water, squirt “guns”, etc. There’s also a “lazy” river that goes around the two BIG slides, a whirlpool “Vortex” area, and a Bubble Couch… and then there’s the reg size lap pool behind the lockers and concession stand. It’s a FUN pool!

Anyway…. here are some digi pages I whipped together the other night in an effort to get started on scrapping the visit. When I say “whipped together” I mean it… I did not create these pages, I just dropped my photos in to some “Quickie” pages by Kay Miller Designs. These are the first ever quick pages I’ve used… (Great for fast scrapping!) I heart Kay Miller designs, but sometimes they are too cutesy and juvenile for me w/out kids… These pages were PERFECT for these photos. They are from her Ocean kit. I did add a couple of embellishments over the QP’s to cover up Ocean words that I didn’t want. There’s not a lot of room for journaling on the QP’s, so I think I will have to create some companion pages to add more photos and journaling. The QP’s were quick n easy way for me to get a jump start on getting it done.

Names are changed to protect the kids…. the “real” pages will have journaling with their real names before the pages are printed. (Oh the joys of Photoshop!)

(Edited: Rather than take my nice ‘spensive Digital Rebel to the pool I purchased a cheapie disposable, waterproof camera to snap pics with… For some quick snapshots for posterity’s sake it worked out fine… but the clarity and focus in the snapshots just weren’t there. )

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  1. Yay! LOVE the layouts, even if you used quick pages (or maybe because you used them, so you could get them done!) Looks like a grand time was had by all and the pool sounds awesome. Kudos to B for his contribution in getting it constructed!! Awesome!

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