Prayers, Please….

Prayers, Please….

Hi Friends!

I’m going to be away a good chunk of this week, but I do have some art to share this week. It’s back to crazy busy season at work, what with getting new contracts for snow and maintenance services at work for this snow season and next summer and end of the month billing prep. I get to work several days this week and then tomorrow I have a kinda scary appt at the UVRMC radiology clinic.

I have had a significant amount of pain in my lower back (sacrum/hips area) for the past year. It’s finally come to a point where it’s unbearable to lay flat and sit for long periods of time. Last week, my dr sent me for xrays and this morning he called with the results from the radiologist. I guess all of the films are fine except one that shows a white spot (lumency) on my sacrum. TOmorrow I go to work for the morning and then hit the medical center at noon (MST) for a dye injection and then back again at 2 for the scan. The dr SAYS it could be nothing, but if the radiologist is concerned, then we probably should rule out bone cancer and pray it’s something like scar tissue from when I busted my tail bone and smacked my sacrum in college….

I wasn’t freaking out until a few hours ago… now I’m just more anxious and nervous than anything. When I was 12 or 13 I had a CT scan and was pumped full of radioactive dye, so I’ve had something similar done before, but it’s still scary… Any prayers, positive thoughts, etc, would be appreciated 🙂

Inky Smiles!

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  1. You know I’ll be thinking of you and willing the BEST outcome for you. I hope your back quits hurting! Good luck and huge hugs…wish I was right there to give it in person.

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