Scrap My Scraps Challenge 3 Information – SLOTS ARE FULL! YAY!

Scrap My Scraps Challenge 3 Information – SLOTS ARE FULL! YAY!

Hey friends!  It’s 11:15 pm on Wednesday night as I type this.  Yesterday I promised to have the details for you today….  and tonight as I was just getting ready to crash out and the muscle relaxer kicking in so the twitching in my knee wouldn’t keep me up all night and going over the events of the day, remembered…..  shot up out of bed and hobbled down here to the studio to clank out some info.

This  round of Scrap My Scraps is going to be a little different AGAIN 🙂  I like being different, that’s just how I roll, and being slightly round-ish I roll along nicely.

So, dear friends, here’s the scoop.  I have room for  5 {UPDATE @ 11:33 PM Thurs – WE ARE FULL} players this round.  I promised someone last round that they could play the next round and have already mailed them their envelope 🙂  Besides, it has an awfully long way to go for its journey and needed a little head start.  Please only ask to play if you are going to follow through.

Scrap My Scraps Round 3 Details:
You will receive an envelope with several images and sentiments stamped onto white cardstock and a list of printed guidelines.  You may use ANY papers and embellishments from any company, but you must use the images in the envelope.   Everyone will receive exactly the same images and sentiments.
Your mission is to create a piece of artwork using ALL of these guidelines:
1)  Use at least TWO of the images (MUST use the large image included)
2)  Use at least ONE sentiment.
3)  Incorporate stitching of some sort.
4)  Incorporate additional decorative fibers (non paper).
5)  Use 1-2 pieces of METAL.
6)  Make it POP.. use some dimensional adhesives (pop dots, tabs, foam tape, etc).
7)  Have FUUUUN!!!!

Photographs of your project (emailed) are due to me by:  Friday, June 25th

That’s it… pretty easy peasy…  I am excited to see what everyone does with the scraps 🙂
Shoot me an email with your name and mailing address and I will pop these out in the mail to the players.

Sleepy Smiles!!

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