Sketch Challenge {003}

Sketch Challenge {003}

Here’s a sketch challenge for ya! This one will be a contest for you, too! (I am working on my piece o’ art and will post it within the next couple of days.) I have a prize pack (aka BLOG CANDY) in mind and I think you will like it!!!

This is a very basic sketch (lines in the dirt) … use it and show me what you can do with it!


Rules & Guidelines:

1.) Create a piece of artwork, email ( a URL (link) to me to view/download it BY Aug 9th by 6:00 PM (MST). Make sure to post a comment on this post to let me know you’ve sent something.

2.) I will collect up all the pics of your artwork and post them all in a new post with your name on them on Aug 9th by 8:00 PM (MST).

3.) The contest is VIEWER’S CHOICE. Round up your friends and get them to vote for your piece of art! The artwork with the most votes will win. Votes = comments posted by UNIQUE users for your artwork.

4.) Voting opens once the post is up and will be closed on August 16th (when I get back from vacation). The winner will be announced on August 17th.

5.) Any and all product allowed.

6.) Consider using some of the following:

  • something metal
  • something “fibrous” other than paper
  • something shiny
  • some “non traditional” embellishment
  • a “new to you” technique

15 thoughts on “Sketch Challenge {003}

  1. Just sent you an e-mail with my card. Actually the first one I got so excited I forgot to attach the card. So I had to send it again.LOL Thanks for the great challenge

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