Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

I have been very sick for the past 3 weeks but have been doing the “just keep swimming” dance but this illness has kicked my butt… argh!

I also thought that life would slow down for me and that I would have more free time when I quit working FT in November. HA! Does Murphy have a brother? ERGH! I swear, I have been just as busy as if I was still working FT… FT sickness and work ( I worked 3 days this week … supposed to only work 1! It’s the busy start up season for landscapers… I m sure this isn’t my last 3 day work week….) and church responsibilities and home responsibilities and a strong desire to CRAFT doesn’t allow for “slow down” time.

img_9542-2-5747114Spent this past Thursday in my recliner watching reruns of “Make Me a SuperModel” (It was awful, btw.) It’s sad when you’re too exhausted and tired to sit at your desk and stamp. Anyhew…. Thursday night I was feeling a bit more chipper and “normal”, so I picked up a stamp and some new paper (droooooool) and started to try to play. Dadgum bedtime hit, so I crashed. Tonight after work (while Brent worked on mudding and taping his workshop walls) I sat down and played a little more and finished a card….

I’ve got to wait for this to be posted somewhere else first, (most likely some time tomorrow) but as soon as it posts there, I will show you the full thing 🙂

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