Spring Madness.. Signs of Spring

Spring Madness.. Signs of Spring

I’ve lived in Utah for almost 17 years now and you would think that by now I would be used to the weather. Nope… every year I am “shocked” at Mama Nature’s “bipolar“ disorder in this wonderful state.  One minute it’s beautiful and sunny and we’re workin in the yard and getting sunburned… and the next, well, here, I’ll show you. 

{I missed the deadline for Wendy Tunison’s photography challenge so I’m sharing my photos for this week’s “Signs of Spring” theme in this post, too.}

Yesterday we were doing some yard work… pulling out bushes that were struggling and just not right for the place we planted them 10 years ago.  We were also revamping the front flowerbed profile {removing the old sunken concrete curbing and replacing with some fabulous new steel edging} and doing some general yard clean up & spring fertilizing.  We didn’t get as much done as we wanted, but we made a nice start.

Yesterday I perused our yard, checking out the traditional signs of spring… birds in the yard, Sadie shedding like a wooly mammoth and rolling in the grass, buds on the trees, neighbors out chit chatting after the long cold winter, and the crocuses popping up out of my weed filled tree rings….




And you know it’s spring when the flip flops are donned on grubby, yet newly pedicured toes in a nice sparkley spring pink…. It was nearly 70 degrees… of course I’m wearing flip flops in the yard!


Here’s my favorite view of the day…   See that man and his cute bum? He’s all mine. I lub him.  I can’t help myself.  {Oh and, uhm, bye bye Japanese Spreader Yews… the hottie hubby is kickin’ ya to the curb.}

IMG_4077web  IMG_4086web


We didn’t get as much done as we wanted to because it started to get chilly and windy, rain was imminent, and we both had places we needed to be in the evening. {I went to see “Hop” with a girlfriend and her family and Brent went to the priesthood session of General Conference.}

Hold on.. keep reading… Mama Nature DID pull a prank on us… you’ll see….

So this morning I’m laying in my bed and Brent comes in and says to me, “Hey baby, we got 6-8 inches of snow outside”…. I’m thinking, “yah right, we turned the AC on last night for an hour to cool the house back down so we could sleep… no way”….

Yes way.

I covered the bed head hair with a hat and went out to measure.

Yes, I made the hat. It’s making its debut… in April.



Yes, Virginia… 6.75” of fresh, fluffy, beautiful white snow.

The crocuses are completely buried again.

I love this photo of Sadie.. She came running back from the west side of the yard and promptly sat down in the snow.  The look on her face is something like, “Really? are you kidding me? I just found Poo Corner again and now you’ve covered it up AGAIN. Where am I going to ‘go’ now?”  She has since changed her mind and has spent some fun time running back and forth tunneling through the snow.  


IMG_4102web IMG_4101web




Thank you, Mama Nature, but you’re just a couple days too late for April Fools… or waaay early for next year…

6 thoughts on “Spring Madness.. Signs of Spring

  1. Hey Girlie!

    I hear you on Mother Nature being a meanie! We had almost 80 degree temps on Saturday, broke a record for high temp, then yesterday…rain and snow (but not as much as you got) and it never got much above freezing! OY! Actually, the day started out warm and the temps dropped to freezing and stayed that way. Arggggh.

    Love your painted tootsies and glad you got a little done before the storm. Hugs!!

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