Studio Color Scheme & Enabler Alert: Michael’s Coupon

Studio Color Scheme & Enabler Alert: Michael’s Coupon

I had some fun last week in the studio & I finally decided on the new color scheme for the studio!!! YAAAY!

It’s gonna take some time to pull it all together (because I need Brent to help me move the big honkin’ desk), but I think it will be way cute and cheerful when it’s finished.

I was at an LSS with my friend, Lisa, on Superbowl Saturday and found the most DARLING paper from Cloud 9 Design’s Chocolate Chalet family. It’s sooo cute.. loaded up with chocolate browns, pinks, greens, etc. The specific paper is Sparkle Chocolate Parfait.

Here is {MPATP} My Plan At This Point:

Accent Wall – green like CTMH Sweet Leaf (slightly darker)
Inkstak – Chocolate brown
RibbonStak – Choc brown or pink
Curtains – a mix of stripes and fun patterns with the colors of the paper {these means Mr.Machine is going to get to sew on FABRIC instead of paper for the first time in EONS!}

I am soooo stoked and can’t wait to get started on it. First things first, gotta buy the paint!! Check out Liz Batty’s COOL NEW ROOM! I am totally hijacking her wall & InkStak colors! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOOOOVE IT!!

BONUS: Michael’s craft store has an online coupon this week. It expires Saturday, March 1st…. so hurry and stock up on some goodies.

3 thoughts on “Studio Color Scheme & Enabler Alert: Michael’s Coupon

  1. This isn’t a comment on your new studio, although that is very exciting (isn’t kinda like scrapping your whole room? LOL) I just wanted to pop over and tell you how you’d inspired me to do something different with my blog header. I didn’t like what I had… too blah. I saw your “edgy” letters, recognized that I had that kit from 2P’s and decided to make the change. Thanks for the inspiration. You can come over and visit if you like. I just LOVE the title of your blog!!!

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