The Best In Us

The Best In Us

Sometimes when we look at ourselves and others around us it is easier to pick out the flaws and negatives rather than the good or good qualities that are not on the surface.

Norman Rockwell is one of my all time favorite artists. I especially love this painting because while he’s looking in the mirror at an old man, his perception of himself is not him as an old man, but as a young spry fellow.

“Rockwell’s work conveyed a belief in the goodness of humanity. One example is Triple Self-Portrait, where we see the artist (in his 60s at the time of painting) from the back, reflected in a mirror, and in the larger-than-life portrait on the easel. In the mirror we see a man with an aging face, a grizzled moustache, and thick glasses – but he is painting himself as a young, handsome man, ready to take on the world. The viewer gets the sense that this depiction isn’t a false one, but that the artist is looking in the mirror and seeing his own best self.” ~FBL

You can read the whole story behind this billboard by visiting:
The Foundation For A Better Life

** Your challenge for this TFT is to scrapbook or journal a private page about yourself.. Take a photo of yourself, at least 4×6 in size and use hidden journaling to include your thoughts on this page. Journal how you see you and the good that is in you that you may often overlook.
You may share your art or keep it private.**

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