The Culprit…

The Culprit…

We interrupt today’s blurfing (blog surfing) for a message from our sponsor culprit… (I’m finally feeling up to dealing with some of the photos I took… mostly I just need to get them off my camera card…)

img_0768-7283810This is the culprit… under the carpet in the concrete floor of my once 100% finished, cozy and well loved family room…. It’s now repaired. Thankfully the family room sits on the high side of the house and the poo water did not seep into the floors in there. Four fewer walls that need sheet rock repair, yay!

Here are some snapshots of the aftermath… I’ve spared you the details of the poo water, nobody needs to see that..ewww…

We’d mopped up the water from the floor so we could walk around and move furniture. Thankfully my desk was not harmed in this incident. There were a few corners that we cleaned, but 99% of the desk was unharmed. YAY!

The laundry room was “only” hit in about 1/3 of it. The walls on the south side were hammered… cut out, etc. We’ve got to do some major sorting, cleaning and repainting in here now. UGH!

img_0679-5640951 img_0671-4838644

After we moved Nate & Sara up to the tiny spare room on the main level, we loaded most of the office furniture and family room furniture into the guest room. The recliners, desk drawers and files and a variety of small things that don’t cram well are scattered in various rooms throughout the rest of the house. Fun, fun.

7 thoughts on “The Culprit…

  1. Lived with those fans for 5 days myself recently so I totally relate to the noise levels. Never again!

  2. hey lady, thanks for sharing… been popping over from time to time… i was visiting? one/some of your links… on your “misc” links(left) of them took me to …is that the correct link? … dunno, sometimes my links get lost, did not know if thats whats you meant to share? (the one on the top)2ofus4now~? just wondering.

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