There’s A Dog In My Shower

There’s A Dog In My Shower

Every now and again you are blessed with an adventure to remember that, thankfully, no one is around to snap photos of for you to scrapbook.

On Monday, I was getting ready for the day, taking my shower, usually a relatively uneventful task… lol… just wash up and get out and on with the day. Well, on Monday, my master bathroom looked like this:

0af65-img_8566-2059450That meant we had to move into the main bathroom for a little while. The main bathroom is just off my hallway and while it does have a nice little ceiling fan, it doesn’t have a window for venting purposes, and I always hate having the whole bathroom steamed up while I’m trying to get dry and dressed, so this time I left the hall door open… It’s just me, Brent, and Sadie, so I have no intruders to worry about because usually she’s doing this:

Don’t mind the unmade bed, the faucet and such piled up while Brent harvests parts needed to test the tub, and Brent’s day job clothes thrown on the bed because he couldn’t be bothered to throw them in the laundry basket before changing into his construction man work clothes… lol….. {I say that with love in my heart 🙂 }

Anyway… I am about to rinse the shampoo out of my hair when suddenly my ears are ringing with the sound of EVERY SINGLE smoke detector in my house going off at the same time. And then immediately I hear the rustle of the shower curtain and look down to see this big ball of brown and white fur tumble into the tub and then two little yellowy/amber eyes looking up at me, meanwhile the shower water and shampoo from my hair are splashing down on one trembling puppy. (She has issues with the chirping of the smoke detectors… I believe it hurts her ears and scares the bajeebers outta her.)

There’s a dog in my shower…. So as quickly as I can, I rinse the shampoo out, grab a towel, and hurry and get out of the tub, followed by a dripping wet, still trembling doggy. I call Brent immediately because I am not sure what to do … the smoke detectors are all wired to the house electrical system, so I can’t just yank one off the wall to turn them off. He’s on the other end of the phone laughing his safely covered, dry rear end off while I’m in a state of soggy confusion trying to figure out what to do. I finally gather my wits and grab my dust mop from the kitchen and use it to push the “test” button on the smoke detector… It works for a second and then they all go off again. For the next 5 minutes (after having shut the bathroom door to prevent more steam from escaping and further tormenting me and my sweet dog) I press the button until the detectors finally silence themselves.

I am so glad that there was nobody around to photograph that adventure! LOL!

9 thoughts on “There’s A Dog In My Shower

  1. Oh my goodness! I am giggling like mad and thinking oh poor you and poor Sadie at the same time! This would be a perfect story for scrapbooking. In fact, it would fit perfectly for the 1st layout we are doing for Type+Writer!!!I’m glad they finally went off, but man oh man, I’m sure giggling at what happened to you. Pictures? Who needs pictures when one can totally visualize the scene!! And be thankful it’s not us.Hugs to you and Sadie, too!

  2. I have the same smoke detectors and I actually blogged about htem all going off in the middle of the night.Poor doggy. My dogs hate it when they go off. It hurts my ears so I am sure it is worse for them.

  3. I can just picture it all in my mind!! OMG how hilarious, after it was all over at least. Steam and my smoke alarm do the same thing. Other than that your art is beautiful as always.

  4. I am laughing as I read this but I bet at the time it was anything but funny! What is up with your house?!?!?!? Well at least the dog (and you) got clean in the process and air dried LOL!

  5. That is hilarious. I would pay to see that. I think your dog is adorable and Casey would so be there too even though she hates showers. I can just picture Brent laughing is hiney off. Give Sadie hugs.

  6. Oh heck that was one funny story!!!! I loved it! Men, aren’t they always so helpful….now if the shoe was on there foot, now that’s another story! So glad you typed this….it had me giggling! You should visit my blog and scroll down to see what I did to my hair one day….sheesh!

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