Thoughts for Thursday (a bit delayed)

Thoughts for Thursday (a bit delayed)

I am way late again with a Thought For Thursday… It’s been a crazy day! I went to work this morning (lots going on this week, flowers, etc.) and was not supposed to be there all day…. Then T’s MIL called me because her daughter, T’s DH’s sister, is about to have a baby any time now, and MIL is sick as a dog… and so I have become a mom of 4 kids under the age of 13 for the weekend, a day early. LOL! They were coming over tomorrow night anyway, but today just got a bit crazy… I did enjoy a somebody James”concert”/with the three youngest at the elementary school tonight. K & C each performed and it was fun to watch. I got all “verklempt” like they were my own little monkeys… kind of fun to have psuedo kids. 🙂

Anyway, today’s TFT is about passing on kindness. This quote came to me via email a week or so ago and I’ve been dying to share it along with the story of an awesome little boy.

“Have you had a kindness shown? Pass it on; ‘Twas not given for thee alone, Pass it on; Let it travel down the years, Let it wipe another’s tears, ‘Til in Heaven the deed appears – Pass it on. ”

—Henry Burton (1840-1930), clergyman, writer

When I went to my Certified Fiskateer Training, my friend, Jenn B, was telling me about the coolest project that her little 6 year old was working on. He is an amazing little 6 year old…. an Eagle Scout in training… He is giving back to Primary Children’s Hospital (in Salt Lake City). PCH holds a special place in my heart as it is the place where my little niece, Kiera, passed away at 3 mos old. The staff was AMAZING. They really take care of their little ones and the families of little ones. PCH is a place of sadness, miracles, and many kind helping hands.

Cameron has drawn a set of four darling cards that he sold to raise money ($180.00 – WOWZA!) to buy art supplies for children who are at PCH. You can read the story of Cameron’s project for yourself here, and here. I am truly amazed at the fortitude and insight of this little guy. He’s going to be an amazing adult! His drawings are awesome and who knows, perhaps he will draw some more to earn more money and keep “passing it on”. Here’s the newest info on his project… a little video before they went to deliver the art kits!

This week, think about some ways you can “pass it on” or be of service to someone in need. Do something for someone and share the love.

Leave a comment on this post and share with us something that someone has done for you that has made a difference in your life. On Monday I will draw a random winner who will receive a CTMH 9×9 embossed Butterfly Album with 10 printed pages and page protectors. It’s gorgeous! You can view one here on Ebay (no, it’s not my listing… I just needed a good pic and it’s too late to take one tonight.)

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  1. What a great RAK – it’s good to stop and think once in a while about the good stuff that happens (because it really does).Anyway my day brightener was when my son stopped by my office yesterday for no reason to just say hey and tell me he loves me. I’ve been here 7 years – first time he’s done that!Michelle#4235

  2. What a great RAK – it\’s good to stop and think once in a while about the good stuff that happens (because it really does).Anyway my day brightener was when my son stopped by my office yesterday for no reason to just say hey and tell me he loves me. I\’ve been here 7 years – first time he\’s done that!Michelle#4235

  3. I have a serious pain problem and was supposed to have some friends over to work on a scrapping project for their bird club. Well, I was so sick the other day I didn’t get out of bed till it was too late to call and cancel. I felt terrible when they showed up at the door with all their stuff in tow. They were SO sweet and understanding. Despite all the inconvenience, all they cared about was me. And they sent me an invitation to try again in a few days. I know it might sound like a little thing, but I found that so kind and reassuring that they wouldn’t for a second show any kind of frustration–and I was so delighted that they immediately made plans with me again instead of giving up on me because I am sick so much. It means a ton to someone who has a hard time getting out and socializing to have friends who don’t give up on you because it can be so hard to know if you can make it till the last minute. Thanks guys!BTW, I just recently discovered CMTH and I love it! Great prize choice!

  4. last saturday i went to mail a parcel and next door was an opening of “Mr. Lube” and they had a fund-raiser for a 4 yr old boy ( Nicholas ) who was battling ” batten disease”. Nicholas had the brightest smile i ever saw, and after talking to his family i thought to myself that i want to get some card-makers together to donate Thank You cards for the family! The fundraiser was to help out with Nicholas’s medical expenses so i know the family would welcome a gift of cards! This brave little boy touched my heart!

  5. I was having health problems and I finally found a Doctor that wouldn’t give up until he figured out what was wrong with me, he couldn’t cure me, but he was to control the problem. If not for him I wouldn’t have any quality of life.

  6. I’m working on a surprise blanket for a friend. She has 2 kids and doesn’t have the time to make one for herself so I’m going to surprise her with one. It’s costing me more than any I’ve done before because it’s made with specialty material, but that’s my way of passing it on. I know it will be loved and cherished.Fiskateer #1485

  7. I\’m working on a surprise blanket for a friend. She has 2 kids and doesn\’t have the time to make one for herself so I\’m going to surprise her with one. It\’s costing me more than any I\’ve done before because it\’s made with specialty material, but that\’s my way of passing it on. I know it will be loved and cherished.Fiskateer #1485

  8. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer last year – i had some people step up and help that i never would of thought would so that has made a big difference in all our lives.amy#4257

  9. what a wonderful idea for a RAK. too often we forget those little things that others do for us that make life more bareable, Some time ago my dad had a bad kidney stone attack, and we had to rush him to the hosital, anyway the next day my newly married sister sent us a paper on a herbal remedy for kindney attacks and infections that her husbands uncle had found on the internet. Apperantly after he had heard about my dad’s attack he had been so concerned he had searched the net to find something that might help. The thoughtful gesture really warmed our hearts and actually my dad found that the herbal remedy really helped him,

  10. Kia Ora. What a neat idea for a RAK. I’ve suffered from a serious illness now for 13 years, and I’ve spent as much as 12 months of that time in hospital or in bed. In that time, people (often complete strangers) have rallied around my husband and four children and made meals, done housework, helped care for the kids… without the kindness of others I don’t know how we’d have made it through. You can read about my condition at — guess what that’s done for me is make me not want to waste any more time just worrying about myself, and I’ve been able to bless others with the same kindness shown to me when I needed it. It’s great to focus on other people and not my dodgy body for a change.Ruthie #4308

  11. After my husband’s accident there was a group of family and friends that would bring us meals so I wouldn’t have to cook while I was taking care of him and some of them would even bring us groceries to help us out. My parents would even come and do the yard work for us. I don’t know what we would have done without the help.Fiskateer#3675

  12. Hi Erin! I love your blog. Thanks for the invite to your blog on the Fiskateer site 🙂 Cameron’s project is so amazing, what an awesome kiddo!Something amazing that someone has done for me… wow, that is easy! My friends helped us out tremendously when my husband’s truck was stolen the day before Thanksgiving (2007). We had just been Christmas shopping and lost everything. Our insurance only covered a little, plus we had huge deductibles. Our friends came to our rescue and made sure our holidays were still joyful.

  13. My daughter was here for the weekend,, her mother -in-law loves home made soap,, So I sent her 3 .. 5 gallon Pails.. and she phoned and Thanked me for them.. she thinks that is a great Rak…Mariah # 2457

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