Thoughts for Thursday: Artwork & Fun Photos

Thoughts for Thursday: Artwork & Fun Photos

I can’t write a huge honkin post like that and not include some artwork!

I thought I would share this fun card that I made for Alisha Trussell from that swap I talk about all the time… lol! Click for a larger view.

I used the Cracked Glass technique and sprinkled in some gold glitter just before heating the UTEE powder in the center of Alisha’s random stamped paper circle. I’ve never had good success with cracked glass until this card. I left the embossed piece in the freezer for a good 3 minutes to get good and cold, then pulled it out and cracked it quickly. Make sure to wear gloves so that you don’t leave fingerprints on the “glass”.

I cut flowers off of a sprig of silk flowers from Michaels used Liquid Glass (CTMH) to attach the small yellow glass beads to the flowers and adhere them to the edge of the random stamped circle.

Papers, inks, ribbons, and stamp set are from CTMH. Metals are CTMH and Making Memories. The flower petals and beads are from Michaels. Oval shapes cut with Coluzzle by Provo Craft.

aande-8034082Oh my gosh! I also have to share these crazy fun photos. (Ducking so Alisha won’t hit me!) Alisha and her family came to Utah to visit her dh’s family in Salt Lake and Alisha came down last Tuesday to have some girlfriend hang out time. We had SUCH a blast!!!! Stamping Royalty in MY STUDIO!!! WOO HOO!! (Yes, Alisha is a member of PapWe worked on a project together (I will show u when it’s finished, promise!) and talked and laughed our butts off…. Thank you to my wonderful mama, Karen, for taking photos for us!!!!

terrisolo-9126905Sometime during the evening, Terri Howard called on the house phone… We just couldn’t resist putting the hot lips on the phone so Terri could “hang with the girls” and of course, you can’t forget her spunky glasses. (For those of you who don’t know, Terri is the eyeglass queen!)

susancallingincensored-4150547And then just a few minutes later, Susan Hankins called the house phone and we couldn’t get 3 way calling to work, so thankfully she also called my cell phone!

What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander, I mean, other goose in this case, and of course Susan needed her own hot lips, too! YOu can kind of see the Susan phone on the InkStak in the picture on the right…. It was so much fun having the 4 of us hanging out together and chatting in the same room! 🙂 I can’t wait to someday get us all together to hang out in person!!!!


alishakerplow-5974418 alishaslavelabor-8259937

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