Thoughts for Thursday: Attitude

Thoughts for Thursday: Attitude

“A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.”

—Earl Nightingale (1921-1989), entrepreneur, motivational author

In this economy and these scary times, I think it’s good to check our attitudes and see where we stand. It’s tough times for a lot of people, but I truly feel that we have to “think positive” and attract positive things. Not only does a great attitude attract good to us, I truly believe that we will see a lot of things in our lives as blessings rather than hindrances. For us, Brent losing his reg job was a GREAT springboard for other good things to happen. His new job has tremendous growth potential and he’s also decided to gear up to go back to school and pursue his dream career.


Today is Brent’s BIRTHDAY!!!! He’s 37 today! WAHOO! He reads my blog, so leave him a comment and wish him a happy one, would ya? “)


On a side note:

I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be absent for a few days… My nieces are here for Spring Break… We’re having loads of fun and I finally understand how moms have no time for themselves… lol!

I have unpacked the Scraponizer goodies and am working out shipping costs and will get those loaded for this weekend or by Monday! ANNNNND… My 12×12 paper storage showed up about 5 minutes ago along with a couple of boxes of assorted bling (rhinestones and pearls) so I have many more boxes to unpack and inventory and get listed…

Also, we (my laptop, but thankfully not Brent’s work computer or our business computer) got hit by some icky virus/spyware on our computer. My guess is we (I) picked it up surfing blogs/digi sites or by opening a couple of emails recently from someone I thought I recognized. I’ve got to spend a couple of days sorting out what I need to pull from the laptop and get my data and photo files backed up and debugged so that Brent can wipe the laptop clean. If I get a minute or two to do somethign crafty fun (which the girls and I hope to do as soon as they’re done watching Narnia: LWW) I will post and share!

Inky Smiles!


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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you Brent! I’m so tickled for you guys about your new job! Congrats and what a great way to start off the next fabulous year of your life!Big Hugs! Don’t forget to bring Erin if you hafta come to CO on a business trip…

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