Thoughts for Thursday: Good Riddance

Thoughts for Thursday: Good Riddance

Thoughts for Thursday – back?  Well sorta.  I don’t really want to commit to an every Thursday TFT episode cuz frankly I don’t know that I can really, and well it is Thursday and I am having a deep thought… so here we go…  Starting today I will post a TFT when and if the thought strikes me on Thursdays.  *grin*

Since we don’t have television service at our house (almost 2 years now!) I was reading the news today and read this awesome article about a Good Riddance event at Times Square in NYC “during the third annual Good Riddance Day — the unofficial holiday on which luck-strapped individuals are encouraged to rid themselves of the ending year’s setbacks and prepare for the future.”

Click here for some inspiring photos.

People are starting fresh with hope.  The basic idea was that each person got a piece of paper with the words “Good Riddance Day.  I want to say good riddance to:” They wrote whatever it was that they wanted to put out of their life on that paper and threw it away into a giant shredder to be shredded into bits and pieces, but away from them forever.   Emotional dejunking at it’s easiest.

This really got me thinking.

What am I holding on to that I can let go and start fresh?

Oh friends, I came up with a huge list.  But I am not going to bore you with my huge list.

Instead, here’s a few from my short list:

* I want to say good riddance to my silly self doubts and fears.

* I want to say good riddance to my extra hamburger and hello to Curves again.

* I want to say good riddance to the feeling of helplessness that comes from infertility and other health issues so I can move on. *whew* and *yay*.

* I want to say good riddance to procrastination.

* I WANT to say good riddance to junk food. LOL!

So, I’m going to say good riddance to these things today and move on to a fresh new start in 2010.  No crazy resolutions that will likely get broken, no obscenely difficult goals to obtain, just good sensible goals that I am sure I can and will attain sometime during the next year.  I am excited about finding this and think that it’s a great way to start a new year fresh!


I am sure we all have our “things” that we want to say good riddance to.  I thought I’d make a Good Riddance form to share with whoever is interested, to fill out for yourself, to write down what you want to get rid of, and shred to a bajazillllion pieces so you can start the new year fresh.  Just click on the photo for a full printable size sheet.  You don’t have to share with us… just say good riddance 🙂

~Inky Smiles & Inky New Year’s Eve!

4 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday: Good Riddance

  1. Hey Erin, I heard about that good riddance day. Neat idea – huh? Thanks for the form. Maybe later today I can think about what I'd like to get rid of in my life. I pray that you have a happy and healthy new year. New Beginnings – right!~

  2. Perfect! I was going to say “Good Riddance” to this whole %#@! year!!! Way too much drama/death/depression for me! On to a bigger, better, brighter NEW YEAR! I'm gonna link back to this post from my blog, 'cuz it says all that needs to be said… Thanks!

  3. Excellent post! And good sensible goals for you. I know you can do it! I'll cheer you on, for sure.

    I hadn't heard of this until Kathi posted about it the other day. Neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

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