Thoughts for Thursday – Patience

Thoughts for Thursday – Patience

John Quincy Adams said: “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

My version is (or has been previously): “Give me patience and give it to me now.”

Well, not really. There was a time in my not too distant past when it was and where I was always in a hurry for everything and got so frustrated waiting… and waiting… I think that my experience in infertility has helped me deal with the “must have now” mentality. While I am not looking for a pity party, I do have to recognize that a heaping dose of humility was dished up for me when I stood in line for little ones… But, good things have come from this experience… One is that I’ve finally learned to take time and slow down and enjoy life along the way. I feel a lot less stressed out over things and am able to appreciate what is going on around me.

I’ve been given a lesson in practicing patience over this past month. It’s been a loooong month. You may remember the post “Movie Star” that I posted a little over a month ago. Here’s a reminder:

I can’t keep it in any longer. I’ve been trying to be all quiet about it because I’ve been trying to be patient and not be nervous. So far, so good. I have felt confident and at peace about this choice and really haven’t been a bundle of nerves until today. I think that is because tomorrow is Big Day #1.

These cool little gifts were made for a few friends (Amaryllis, Liz, Alisha, and Jeanne) who wrote letters of recommendation for me. I am so appreciative that they would do this for me…. and with relatively short notice.. just a few days. (I hemmed and hawed and prayed about whether or not to apply and then just finally took a leap of faith.) I have one more letter to do for Alisha, but I’m having the hardest time choosing papers for it.

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Ok, ok, ok, stop twisting my arm! LOL! I applied for my DREAM JOB. The Fiskateers and Brains on Fire put the call out for FIVE (there were originally just our FAB FOUR, but we’ve been having so much fun as Fiskateers that they are adding a 5th) new Lead Fiskateers earlier this year and boy was it tempting! Like I said, I hemmed and hawed and prayed about doing it… and actually did it! Basically (there are a lot of normal responsibilities and duties – but the most fun part is) I would be a Crafting Ambassador for the Fiskars Craft side of the Fiskars company and help lead and inspire {read HAVE FUN with} the FABULOUS group of Fiskateers.

Tomorrow is Big Day #1 (and possibly Sad Day)…. Tomorrow Brains on Fire and Fiskars will announce X number of finalists to go on for interviews. Then, sometime April 22nd, the new 5 Leads will be announced. I am scared, nervous, excited, all at the same time. I figure, I have done what I can (met the deadline for applications, resumes, letters of recommendation, made my video presentation) and now it’s out of my hands.

No matter what happens, I am happy that I have had the opportunity to even APPLY for a dream job, have AMAZING friends to help me with it, and be a part of something so amazing!!

My name is Erin Grotegut and I am Fiskateer #1798 😛

6 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday – Patience

  1. Yea, Erin!!!! I hope it works out the way you want it to. I was happy to help you out and still so honored you asked me to!Good luck!!!!Hugs!!!

  2. Woohoo Erin! How exciting! Don’t stress yourself out too much waiting :). Whatever will be, will be although I do think you deserve it! Big hugs & high hopes,~Korin

  3. Woohoo Erin! How exciting! Don\’t stress yourself out too much waiting :). Whatever will be, will be although I do think you deserve it! Big hugs & high hopes,~Korin

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