Thoughts for Thursday w/ Artwork

Thoughts for Thursday w/ Artwork

“What do we live for; if it is not to make life less difficult for each other? ”

—Mary Ann Evans (pen name George Eliot; 1819-1880), novelist

I love this quote. I know, I say that about all the quotes I post on TFT’s and throughout the blog, but it’s true… quotes and thoughts are not going to make it here unless I really like them 🙂 I read this quote the other day and thought, “gee, that’s so true… or at least it should be”. Am I guilty of not helping someone along the way? Am I looking out for me and only me? I really don’t want to answer yes to either of these questions.

Today I was thinking of things that I can do to make life easier for my sweet husband. (I’m home now mostly full time. I still work PT outside of the home and run our business from the house, and am still adjusting to this role.) A couple of the things I thought of is to have dinner ready when he comes home from work (or at least on it’s way) and things basically picked up and kept tidy at home so that he doesn’t have to worry about these things after a long day at the office. He works hard and shouldn’t be burdened with tons of extras at home. (Goodness knows, I have a pretty nice “honey do” list anyway, lol!) I know that may sound silly, retro, or 50’s mentality to some, but I think it’s just a couple small things I can do to lessen the load of someone I love.

What is something YOU can do to lessen the load of someone else? I would love to hear!

Inky Smiles!


I made a slew of these nifty little 3×3 “cards” for a Valentine’s book that I m making with some girls in a swap. They were super fun and super easy to do.

Papers are CTMH, Stamps are CTMH, Ribbon is American Crafts, Brads are probably CTMH (they are all mixed together so who knows!)

I used the Quickutz Nesting dies to cut the scalloped circle and then ran it back through to emboss a circle around the inner edge. This was my first sample.. I replaced the scalloped circle on it once I had it just right. 🙂

Inky Smiles!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday w/ Artwork

  1. My hubby is Army Infantry and RARELY home….there is always training, schools, deployments and so on. When he is home he calls me when he is leaving the parking lot and I know it will take him about 20 min to get home so that is when I have the kids clean up and get dinner on the table so as soon as he walks in the door it is all layed out for him. Yea it is a bit retro….but it makes him feel so good and he is always the first one to do nice stuff for me too! Oh before I go to bed at night I lay out his keys and cell phone by his boots so he doesn’t wake me up at 0430 to help him find them!!

  2. There is nothing wrong with retro! May it live long! I have been at home for almost the entire 20 years of our marriage! I have had small parttime jobs when the kids were in school only. My husband has worked 2 and sometimes 3 jobs at times ! So why wouldn’t I want to make things nice for him when he walks through that door at night? Dinner ready, kids cleaned and behaved, the home looking sparkly is the least I can do for him….he now thankfully works only one job, I am still home and I still have breakfast and dinner for him and with him and make his lunch too…..what a small price to pay for being able to stay home and scrap, nap, or snack when I want! Long live RETRO!!!!!!

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