Thoughts For Thursday

Thoughts For Thursday

Welcome to “Thoughts for Thursday”… a new feature of my blog where each Thursday I (and various guest bloggers) will highlight or express thoughts on creativity and life. This week my TFT comes from Mary Ihla, a memoir writing consultant, who also happens to be a fellow artist in some online crafting groups I belong to.

Sometimes I am sad when I look through the scrapbooks of my own and friends that have wonderfully embellished pages using the hottest new “blingy thing” or technique, but there is not even a date on the pages, let alone a story. I want to know more!

Thank you Mary for your wonderful insight!


The Importance Of Journaling
By Mary Ihla (Used with permission.)

Journaling is what sets a scrapbook apart from a photo album. It’s what makes a spectacular layout more than simply a work of art. In addition to the basic “who,” “where,” and “when,” the words on your scrapbook pages perform a variety of functions, including:

* Telling the stories behind the photos.
* Expressing thoughts and emotions.
* Documenting events and activities.
* Recording personal and family history.
* Delving into the details of everyday life.

A catchy title, a name, and a date are seldom enough. So, how do you know if you’ve done a sufficient amount of journaling? If you add oral commentary when sharing your scrapbooks, you probably need to do more writing. Remember, you won’t always be around to talk about your pages.

Your challenge this week is to stroll through your scrapbook pages and see if your pages speak for themselves.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart…”
~William Wordsworth

6 thoughts on “Thoughts For Thursday

  1. Ya know when I journal…I try to write it out in my own handwirting..and since it’s messy, I hide it. Then it can be read by whom I choose. And a cool hidden tag just ads a little dimension to the page. I think it’s crucial to journal too….other whise its’ a photo album. But the journal doens’t have to be out for all to see.

  2. Erin, I agree with you 100% on what you are saying. I’ve always tried to get at least names and a year if nothing else, but especially since taking the Library of Memories class (and reading anything by Stacy Julian, really)I have really been trying to be more aware of adding more to my journaling. Based on a lesson in LOM class, I was able to scrap a layout of my dad and my daughter putting a puzzle together. I made a connection of doing puzzles with my dad when I was little and how I enjoyed watching my daughter and him working together. My dad has a hard time seeing these days due to macular degeneration, but he didn’t hesitate a second when Jess asked him for help with the puzzle. I might not have made that connection otherwise….The story doesn’t always have to connect with the picture, the picture can trigger the memory….Sorry so long, just felt compelled to share. :o)J

  3. Oh my gosh! Love Liz’s card!!! What a really cute Idea with the gold embossing powder, really makes you think about the gold wedding band. Really good idea.

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