Tuesday Bonus Challenge ANSWER

Tuesday Bonus Challenge ANSWER

cnlpeterson said…

It is your obsession with Edward and Bella from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series?
I too am completely obsessed!

The truck is the same one that Bella drives, the one that Jacob restored and his dad sold to Bella’s dad. I pictured her’s a little shinier though!

Happy reading!

Lisa P.
Laie, Hawaii
October 16, 2007 2:51 PM

*edited* Just FYI – it’s not an “obession” and I am not preoccupied with vampires, in fact I’ve never been remotely interested in the whole vampire thing…. I just think this is a fun story to read and I am excited for the ending…

Lisa P. ROCKS! She got the meaning of the red truck RIGHT ON THE NOSE!!!! Someone else got the quote right… did you google it? Hehehe! If you’ve read the books, then you know EXACTLY what the truck means! 🙂

I purchased the first book, Twilight, before we left for our trip to Vegas, thinking it would last me through the trip… down and back. HA! NOT!! I was finished with Twilight by the time we hit St George (3.5 hours or so) and found New Moon and Eclipse (and a cool new huge skillet) at CostCo in St George. I had New Moon finished rather quickly and then got most of the way through Eclipse on the way home from Vegas to Payson.. finished the last 50 pages of Eclipse on the couch on Sunday afternoon. So between Wed & Sun with no reading on Thursday or Saturday I read all 3 books.

These books absolutely ROCK! (Although I did get a bit sick of Bella’s “frailty” and her gushing over Edward towards the end of Eclipse….) I had mixed feelings about reading them… They’ve been the total “in thing” around here and I’m the kind of girl who has her own personal drummer boy… I didn’t want to read them just because “everyone else was doing it”. LOL! I succumbed! And I was delighted! Poor Brent might as well have driven by himself. I pulled my nose out of the books long enough to stop for potty breaks and to stretch my legs. LOL!

So now, while I had no prior interest in vampires or werewolves whatsoever, I have become engrossed in this story. LOL! I keep dreaming about the characters in the book and what they might look like in “real life”. Haha! At the resort we stayed at in Vegas I saw a guy wandering past us who I totally had imagined as Edward. Too freaky! To my delight, I logged on to www.stepheniemeyer.com and found out that she has a FOURTH installment coming next year AND it seems Twilight will be made into a movie…. AND….. there are way cool OUTTAKES and other fun bits of trivia on her website. *Sigh* I am such a nerd!

And now you know the rest of the story. LOL!

Want to talk about the books? Leave some comments here!

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  1. Oh my, I guess I’ll have to add those books to my list. I’m the same way on car trips. Before kids, we used to pick books we’d both like and read out loud on long car trips–sure made the time fly by. Now with the kids’ dvd player blaring the whole way, it isn’t possible. Our last trip to Idaho, I had my nose in the Stephanie Plum books (which aren’t my normal reads, but are a lot of fun), which irritated Mike to no end. I finished two of them on the trip up and one on the way back. Plus a couple while we were camping.

  2. OK, I know I’m not the only one that is obsessed – but it’s nice to know that someone else got so wrapped up in the books that they finished them so fast.I can’t wait for the next one to come out.I totally recommend the books, fast, fun read, clean, definately a chick book!Thanks for sharing the photo.Lisa P.

  3. I have recently become obsessed with Twilight…yes, I will say, I am OBSESSED!!!! I can’t WAIT for the next book (out a day before my bday! WOO HOOO) and the movie!!! I am excited, to say the least! LOL

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