Weekend RAK/Blog Candy

Weekend RAK/Blog Candy

It’s National Clean My Scrap Area MONTH….

I’ve cleaned out a bunch of my paper folders and have tons of paper (mostly Provo Craft) that I don’t need and created the ErinSlab.

Here’s what you do:

1.) Guess how many papers are in the ErinSlab.
2.) Post a comment here with your guess. (Guesses must be posted on this post only.)
*****If you post ANNOYMOUSLY please leave your first name and last initial****


I will divide the paper up between the 3 people who have the closest guess.

Happy guessing!

95 thoughts on “Weekend RAK/Blog Candy

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of paper! So I saw your post over on the Fiskateers site and here goes my guess; there are 263 sheets in your Erin slab =)

  2. I guess 222 sheets:) That really is a lot. I just bought my first sheets of scrapbookpaper; 67 in total and I think it looks like about a third or forth of your stack. I am looking forward to hear who is right:)

  3. I’d say there’s about 295 or 225 or so papers. That is one thick slab!!!To be on the safe side, I’ll add the guess of 410 too. Hope that’s alright.Amanda aka Mandiannie Fiskateer# 1485

  4. I’m drooling ..just looking at it.That’s one big stack of paper.My guess is 775 pieces…Going to dream about this one.Thanks for the chance to WIN your RAK/Blog Candy.

  5. Wow… reminds me of my scrap space… I may need to do the same thing, but in the mean time, I’ll guess that you have 378 sheets in that Erin slab. 🙂 I’ll be fun to find out what the actual total is!!!Dana S-F

  6. I’ve never played “RAK” before..but I can’t resist…I am going to guess 407. Thanks for letting me play. ShaeO

  7. Ooops, sorry Erin, about the anonymous comment. Mine is the second comment from the top. I said: “Wow, that’s a lot of paper! So I saw your post over on the Fiskateers site and here goes my guess; there are 263 sheets in your Erin slab =)”I am Lene, Fiskateer #1073

  8. I wasn’t going to guess (CTMH purist and so wouldn’t use the paper, LOL!!) but I just read the guesses and remember ebaying my stash when I started my business…I would have to guess WAY more…more like 825!cute contest and very generous!!hugs,Hollyif I win (and isn’t that always the way, lmbo!! please give my share to the next person or divide it up with the two other winners :o)

  9. My guess is 311 sheets.TeeGeeDee (thanks for mentioning this on an SCS post). I’m bookmarking your blog ‘coz I have to log off soon.

  10. Well, goofy me! I posted on SCS, and I see my favorite number is already taken here, so my guess is 317 sheets. What fun. Contrapat(aka Pat Turner)

  11. Hey! If that is just what you don’t need anymore, how much do you have that you do use! 🙂 My guess is 375. Thanks!Charisse T

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