Where There’s Water…

Where There’s Water…

“Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink ;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.”

There’s a HUGE problem….

Did I forget to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain somewhere?

UPDATE 6:00 pm:

NOPE…. after a short look around my office and studio, we discovered that my sewer drains had backed up into the basement. My office/studio floors are now ripped out and on my back lawn, the restoration guys are downstairs shredding stinky sheetrock, my studio is in a MILLION pieces in my family room and my insurance rate is about to go up. Oh, and the laundry room walls are partly removed as well as all of the walls in my under the stairs Christmas closet. UGH.

It looks like it’s going to be a few weeks before I can get back to paper crafting. The office/studio is completely empty and my computer is packed away in the family room with everything else. It’s really frustrating….


On the Bright Side

– I have excellent insurance (USAA)
– The restoration guys have sprayed some smelly antimicrobial stuff on all the floors to kill the germies.
– There was no damage to the carpets in the family room and guest room (where my bro and his wife and baby are currently housed).
– We caught it in time to prevent worse damage.
– My studio makeover is coming sooner than later… lol… dh gave me a “studio makeover” gift certificate (from the Workshop o’Brent). I’ve been waiting for B to finish his workshop project, but looks like that’s going on hold for a bit.
– We’re getting a new floor in the office/studio & some new walls.
– The custom built desk was not harmed.
– I still have B’s laptop (or my retarded one) to escape into cyber space with.
– It could have been a lot worse.

Off to finish some InkStaks that have to go out today and work on dejunking stuff that was removed from the mess.


My bro and his wife are here visiting us this week and Nate discovered water droplets on the floor this morning and thought it was just from dripping from his wife’s wet hair after a shower….

Nope, we have major water leakage and flooding from the basement drains…

I will be offline for several days (but can check emails on B’s computer). I just popped on to shut down the computer and start emptying my office… which means no scrapbooking or papercrafting for several days….

Off to take photos and call the insurance company…

Soggy Wet Smiles…


9 thoughts on “Where There’s Water…

  1. I am SO sorry to hear of your water troubles. I truly hope they “dry up” quickly and you can get back to the fun stuff.Hugs!!!

  2. I commiserate! I looked up last night while talking to my neighbor in our livingroom, and saw a nice round wet spot spreading on the ceiling. Husband has located a ripped shingle (the weather here in Wichita can be atrocious!) and caulked the darned thing to the max, but it’s getting to look like it’s new roof time. (Ouch!) Houses sure do eat money!

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