Why I Won’t….

Why I Won’t….

Dear friends,

I generally try to keep religion and politics and other discussions that can cause contention and get tempers riled up off of my blog. I am a “Mormon”, a Latter Day Saint, and I am often asked which #wife I am.  Well, I’m wife #1andonly.  (Please know that polygamy was discontinued and banned over 100 years ago by the LDS church.  Those who practice this are excommunicated.) Over the years I have taken and can continue to take criticism about my choice of religious beliefs but today I feel that there is something that I need to speak out about. It truly bothers me and hurts my heart.  I understand if you don’t agree and even if you don’t like my religion, but if I don’t stand up for what I believe in, then really, who am I?

There are many things that I do not agree with. There are lifestyles and religions and political beliefs that I can not understand the importance of to some people. HOWEVER, comma, but… I would NEVER mock them or make fun of them.  It is their choice how they choose to live.  This is one of the beauties of our country.  One of our many, many, blessings.  Freedom to worship as individuals wish.

Freedom of speech and expression are also a couple of our many blessings and rights in this country.  But sometimes we go too far.  

Recently I read about a play on Broadway called “The Book of Mormon”, written by the creators of South Park.  I guess just by knowing who wrote it tells you what kind of filth, lies, and indecency is in the production.  What I read made me upset.   It floors me that  some people will poke at one’s religion because they see the differing views as “peculiar” or they just don’t agree.  The Book of Mormon Broadway musical mocks all that is sacred to me.  I will NOT see it.

There was an excellent article in the Washington Post by Michael Otterson entitled “Why I Won’t Be Seeing The Book of Mormon Musical”.  I agree wholeheartedly.  You can read the article here.  

My friend, Jaime D., said (on FB), “A very well-stated article. I haven’t even really followed this, but parodies, while funny, really do have a deeper quest, and that is to mock and ridicule things that others hold sacred, and to destroy all the GOOD that is done, in the effort to get a laugh and make a buck.” 

Says one of Jamie’s FB friends, Beth H.,  “There seems to be a trend that callousness in the name of “stating one’s opinion” is more valid than respect and good taste…”

Very true. 

Parodies have a deeper quest, to mock and ridicule.

I think that’s the problem with today’s world.  There’s a constant battering of other people’s beliefs.  It is now socially acceptable to mock and ridicule sacred things publicly.

If you do choose to see this production think about these things when you, dressed in your haute couture, stand up to applaud. 

* Are you more couth now that you have attended this type of performance?

* Why is it “ok” to attack that which others hold sacred?

*  If this was attacking/mocking your religious views how would you feel?

* Why does it matter what religion one practices when they are not causing harm to others? Why mock those who are following Christ and trying to be a Christ-like people?

* Does it give you pleasure in attacking something that is good?


Just something to think about and why I will not be seeing this production.


5 thoughts on “Why I Won’t….

  1. The second I read South Park, I knew it wasn't good, and if given the opportunity to see this, I wouldn't. I respect you and your beliefs and feel the same way you do about everything you said!

  2. I agree Erin. It all goes back to the simplest rule of all. “treat others how you wish to be treated”. Cyber hugs to you doll. 🙂 Oh and uh no, I will not be seeing this. Period.

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