Ahh and now I shall blog… blog, blog, blog…

Ahh and now I shall blog… blog, blog, blog…

So I’ve never had a blog before, but I thought it might be fun to try it out, since soooo many people are doing it nowadays… (Yeah, yeah… if your friends jump off a cliff, does that mean you have to do it, too?) LOL!

My name is Erin. I am a former Army Brat which means Dad was military and we were nomads… traveling from place to place every 3 years or so. We moved to Germany in 1986 and stayed until 1994. I was almost 21 when we left Berlin. I like to think of Berlin as my “hometown” because that’s where I spent most of my teenage and early adult years.

I moved from Berlin to Utah in 1994 on a whim, found some roomies and stuck around for a bit more college. I met my sweet husband, Brent (Accountant, City Councilman, & Woodworker Extraordinaaire – www.stamperstorage.com), in 1999 and married him that same year. We currently live in a small-ish (not so big, not too tiny) town in southern Utah County in a cute little house with a darling Furrbaby named Sadie (red & white border collie/australian shepherd something mix, aka adorable mutt).

By day I am a humble (ha!) bookkeeper and office manager for a high end landscaping company. For fun, and to support this paper and ink habit, I am an indepedent consultant for Close To My Heart and sell scrapbooking and stamping supplies (stamps, papers, tools, BLING aka embellishments, etc.) I love CREATING with paper and ink. I am highly addicted to the smell of new paper and squish sound a nice new ink pad makes when you first ink up a stamp. I found ACRYLIC stamps with CTMH and can not go back to rubber on wood. I love being able to see through my stamps and be able to put my image exactly where I want it. Ramble, ramble… 🙂

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  1. Hey You! I found your blog! I was hoping you’d create one! Yey! Welcome to the “Blog World”! Thanks for putting up the link to my blog…I am honored you’d do that 🙂 I shall put yours on my blog too 🙂(((HUGS)))

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