River Adventure….

River Adventure….

Brent and I skipped buying expensive presents for our birthdays in March and April because we knew we wanted to go on a little road trip and or adventure in early summer….. A couple of weeks ago Brent suggested that we drive down to Moab and go on a river rafting trip (not sure what company he’s booking with.. but that’s the idea) over Mother’s Day weekend…. (a normally pain in the butt holiday for me)…. Sounds fun to me, so he’s making our reservations this week and we’ll be off to the river in a little over a week. YAY! I am so stoked! We’re going to spend a half day on the Colorado River on Friday and then see the sights…. We’ll take a little trip into Deadhorse Point and Arches National Park. We are going to have so much fun 🙂 We’re leaving OddDog (aka Sadie) with B’s cousin and their kids… I hope she behaves and doesn’t drive them bonkers!

I finally found some water sports shorts that I can wear on the river… it only took going to the men’s department to find some long enough to cover my knees so they don’t get completely fried on the boat. I don’t know why they make women’s shorts so stinking SHORT! Besides… fat legs need longer shorts! Anyway.. they are black swimshorts that look unisex so I can get away with them… They also had some way cool Columbia brand quick dry shorts, but I didn’t want to pay the $45 ticket for shorts… ouch!

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  1. You guys go have an awesome time! Hope you share some pics here when you get back!Glad to hear you found some cool swim shorts. I know what you mean…it’s ridiculous how short they make women’s shorts and stuff, and I don’t like my legs hanging out either!

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