An Unexpected Adventure in Gardening….

An Unexpected Adventure in Gardening….


Ok, so I LOVE to plant things and redo gardens, etc… but this is CRAZY! LOL! Our neighbor and friend, Dustin, asked us about a Linden tree in our front yard that died in Spring of 2006 and tried to recover in most of 2006 and this spring…. Were we planning on replacing it? What with? etc… Anyway.. long story short… he had a lot of HUGE trees up at his cabin that he’d bought in bulk from a wholesale nursery…. would we like a couple? LOL!! BUT OF COURSE!!!!! We got a sweet deal on the price, even better than my normal wholesale price at work.

So today we spent the day planting 2 – 3.5″ caliper, 15′ Canadian Chokecherries in our front park strip and 2 of the same in Dustin’s. (I mostly watched because I have a pinched nerve somwhere in my back and it hurts to bend and twist.) We cut out squares, planted the trees, and filled in with landscape fabric and 2″ rock. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!! And bonus, we are using the dirt from the tree holes to spread on our back hill and plant sod on later this spring. YAY! We also have two Swedish Aspens to plant in the front corner of our house, but that’s a task for a day next week or the week after. They’re fine in pots for a couple of weeks 🙂

So above are the BEFORE photos. The scraggly Linden tree in the front is going to come out when we plant the Swedish Aspens. I will have to take some AFTER photos tomorrow when it’s light out. 🙂 It was a perfect day for planting trees today. It was overcast and cool… realllllly coool…. I think today’s high was 50 degrees Fahrenheit! Brent and I are crashing early tonight. I think we will pop a pizza in the oven and kick back and watch some episodes of Stargate SG-1 Season 10 on DVD.

I’ll post more latah!

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  1. That all looks really good! Your house looks pretty, and the trees really add to it.I love planting trees, flowers, and a veggie/fruit garden! It’s all fun. I just hate when it gets to be 110 degrees here…then it’s not so fun to be out there!Ooooh, Stargate SG-1 and pizza! Todd & I need to watch it all from the start. We want to watch Stargate Atlantis too!

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