Baby, It’s Cold Outside… A Scarf Inspired by Frozen

Baby, It’s Cold Outside… A Scarf Inspired by Frozen

While much of the country is freeezing their bums off covered in a blanket of snow, here in Colorado we have been enjoying a lovely, sunny 57* – 63* most of the past week.  (Mind you, we had a visit from the great Polar Vortex just prior to this faux Spring, so it’s been much welcomed, and a tease, because I know what is coming….)

Remember this sneak peek?
I know I promised I was working on the post for it. Here it is…


My niece had her 5th  birthday on Saturday.  And she just LOVES the movie Frozen, so her birthday theme was “Frozen”…  She  is a lot like I was a child, bright, independent and creative.  She looooves to pretend with her dolls and dress up like her favorite characters.

I decided that I wanted to make her a Frozen scarf… Kisha and I had found a fun scarf pattern on Pinterest a while back, but when I looked up the instructions they were in Finnish.  Thankfully someone had posted some very basic roughly translated instructions in the comments.  I made a big chunky yarn version to start with and LOVED it so I went ahead and made a smaller version.  This scarf didn’t have an official name for the pattern, but I am going to call it a “Ladder Scarf”.  It looks kind of like a ladder…  I used a variety of different types of yarn  for this scarf.  I love how the fringey white yarn looks like snow.  It was a pain to work with, but the finished effect is awesome.

Here she is opening her prezzie… So excited! (Forgive the pic quality… images from texts from my sister.)




I think it turned out FABULOUS.  In fact, I really want to make one for myself with fun frilly yarn like this.  (We told my niece it was snowflakes and icicles…. she wasn’t quite sure why all the pieces weren’t completely attached in the spaces… “Mom, tell Auntie Erin she needs to finish it and make all the pieces stick together.”   Hehe… )





And later that evening… in her Anna dress…. One happy little 5 year old!


Thanks for dropping in!   I loved making this little scarf and I am glad my niece loves it. 🙂    For you crocheters – I have written a tutorial and it will post tomorrow morning. Inky Smiles!

~ Erin

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