Bind It All Starter Kits- Major Enabling Here!!

Bind It All Starter Kits- Major Enabling Here!!

Are you teetering about buying the Bind It All machine from Zutter? Does someone you know want one? Do you want one and don’t know where to start? Well, Stamper Storage has just what you need!

We have several retired blue BIA machines that we are blowing out in a package deal! Surf on over to Stamper Storage and pick up a FABULOUSLY priced BIA Starter Kit! This kit includes a sampling of the basics to get you started… and then some… You will also need a good pair of wire cutters/pliers available at any local craft or hardware store (or your hubby’s tool box *wink*).


Our Starter Kit Includes:

Reg Retail
Blue Bind It All Machine – version 1

$ 65.00

1Package 1″ Owires, Silver (6-12″ pieces)$ 7.49
1Package 3/4″ Owires, Silver (6-12″ pieces)$ 5.99
1Package 5/8″ Owires, Silver (6-12″ pieces)$ 5.50
1Package 1/2″ Owires, Silver (6-12″ pieces)$ 4.50
1Package 3/8″ Owires, Silver (6-12″ pieces)

$ 3.99

Pairs of 4×4″ Chipboard Covers, Craft
$ 4.00
4Pairs of 4×6″ Chipboard Covers, Craft$ 5.20
Pairs of 6×6″ Chipboard Covers, Craft

$ 6.00

Total Regular Retail Value
$ 107.67

Look at that over $100 worth of product to get you moving on making some great crafty projects.

A HUGE SAVINGS… all of this wonderful scrappy stuff for only $75.00! Supplies are limited and when this deal is gone, it is GOOOOONE!
(freebie gift certificates from blog may not be used on this deal… it’s already super low!)

3 thoughts on “Bind It All Starter Kits- Major Enabling Here!!

  1. Crap!!! I knew I should have waited!! But then I wouldn’t have done those cool projects I’ve done already! Hmmm… who do I know that needs a BIA?!!

  2. Vicki – YES I have other OWires andn covers, too. I have not loaded them into the store just yet. I just sent you a private email. Inky Smiles!Erin

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