Butterflies, Love Bugs & Jewelry

Butterflies, Love Bugs & Jewelry

Hi Friends!

It’s been a busy few/several weeks here at the Inky Smiles house.  We’ve been CANNING (tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers). ‘Nuff Said. LOL!

However, I did find some time to spend in my studio and play around with some crafty things.

My friend, Jeanne, had a birthday last week and I had this little gem ready and waiting to be sent to her for the longest time.  I cut out butterflies from misc papers from my stash and placed them on a piece of vintage linen that I stitched a border around.  It’s framed in a simple black frame from Michael’s.   {The butterflies are all lined up, this is an odd angle for viewing.}  It was super fun and easy to make.  I have loads of ideas for future frames now, too!


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Here’s a few snapshots from Jewelry Fest @ Valeries… I worked (hired creative consultant) for my friend Valerie who runs a REALLY COOL business (http://www.isurfaceart.com).  She just did a jewelry fund raiser for the junior high kids who are going to Europe this next summer and we crafted a TON of jewelry.  We had loads of fun putting pieces together and pricing everything.  However, I think I’m good to never see a piece of waxed leather again. LOL!

This photo below is a NEAT and TIDY pic.  You should have seen it when we were going gung ho. Yes, it looked like a scrappers desk in the middle of a project. hehe!


Waxed leather cords waiting for donut stones and shells becoming earrings.

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Glass Pendants, costume jewelry, and buckets of shell  & stone pendant jewelry:

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Getting ready to play with Picasso Marble.  Picasso Marble is gorgeous!  Did you know it is only available from Utah Mines?  How cool is that!? I made some fun pieces with this lovely stone.
Picasso Marble pieces stacking up and a couple of finished pieces.

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This is my bracelet and earring set (I also have a stone donut necklace to go with it).  I’m going to restring the bracelet on wire with a fancy toggle clasp instead of stretchy string.  I just love this stone!


And Love Bugs…

Brent’s been such a trooper and totally supportive of all of our recent projects around the house and the big canning festival we’ve been having.  He has a crazy week this week with all the corporate management coming in from Denver to work with his local division. (Brent’s the head accountant and business manager for the UT and ID divisions.)  I whipped up this little card the other day and put it on the keyboard of his business laptop so he’d have a nice little surprise when he went back to work Tues am.  I love this man. He rocks my world.


~Inky Smiles!

4 thoughts on “Butterflies, Love Bugs & Jewelry

  1. Wow, so many things to comment on. lol

    The butterfly frame looks great! Love the look of that Picasso Marble, it is really pretty. And what an adorable little card. Hope your husband enjoyed it when he opened up his laptop. 🙂

  2. Awesome, Erin! You have been so very busy, but doing things you love, which is terrific. Love the framed butterflies (squeal) and all that jewelry is gorgeous! I'm sure B appreciated your thoughtfulness in making him that adorable card!

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