Crafting On!

Crafting On!

Hello sweet friends!

Yes, it’s been a while again. I did not anticipate abandoning my blog again… but sometimes life just happens.  April was an INSANE month for us… without boring you with all the details I will just say: “One work trip, one birthday (Brent), 2 surgeries (one Brent, one me), planning for one Creative Escape that I’m hosting this month, etc….”  All is well, we’re recovering from our minor surgeries and I’m chugging away in my studio.

One of the best highlights of the past month was a visit from a very sweet friend of mine, Sue Culotti (Random On Purpose), this past week.  I met Sue aaaages ago through the Close To My Heart consultant bulletin boards.. I think back in 2005 or 2006… anyway, over the years we’ve become friends via emails and phone calls and our blogs.  I’ve wanted to meet her for years and this last week she called me and  let me know she was out here in Utah visiting her daughter who just had a new baby and “could we get together?”… YES!!!

IMG_7786SueEdited(hammin’ it up for a cheesy self portrait! Try #1, I’m all chin.. lol!)

I had the BEST visit with Sue.  We spent a good part of Thursday just hanging out and visiting.  We chatted for hours and hours and spent just a few moments in the studio.  Sue was interested in learning soldered jewelry (a new hobby I’m working on.. haha) and so I gave her a little tutorial. (I’m very new at this hobby and so my technique is still wonky, but hey, crafty time with the fabulous Sue, yeah baby!)

Here’s the pendant we did.  I used a graphic I created for a different type of charm a couple of years ago and resized it to fit on a 1×1.5” pendant. (Left pic is the front, right pic is the back)

SuePendantWeb SuePendantBackWeb
(the glass I used is thicker than what I normally use,
and I was waaaay off with the foil tape…)

I was soooo sad to have to let Sue go home 🙁 I think we could have visited for hours and hours more and just lost track of time.

IMG_778SueEdited(Try #4, much better! Isn’t she beautiful?)

Thank you Sue for a wonderful visit! 🙂



PS. Jen Embry – I have a hug for you from Sue next time I see you 🙂 🙂

PPS… I had the most fabulous NSD adventure yesterday at Doodlebug HQ in Salt Lake City.  Trying to get some pics edited and posted asap! Here’s a sneaky peeky…. yes, that’s glitter… and those bottles are 6” tall!!


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