Creative University Project… Sneak Peek!!

Creative University Project… Sneak Peek!!

I was asked to teach jewelry again at this year’s Creative University by Tresa Black and have been a very, very busy girl getting ready for it.  The teachers also have another project besides their class and we’ve been busy working on that project as well.  Needless to say between CU, Jr High 4H, and 8 yr old Activity Days Girls at church I haven’t had time to breathe or blog.  Oh, but I’ve wanted to and have some projects to share when I find time to edit the pics. Creative University is NEXT WEEK and I am busy packing and making sure I have all my class goodies ready!

Here’s a sneak peek of this year’s jewelry project:


And a blurb from my class description:

Bird on a Wire Bracelet

Get all wrapped up in earth tones and sparkly goodness creating this fabulous bracelet in Erin’s jewelry class. We will learn to string beads, use crimp beads, open and close jump rings, and join multiple strands for a bracelet. We will also learn how to wire wrap a focal point using art wire, stone beads, and metal embellishments. Finish it up with a peek into metal stamping on a final embellishment.”


3 thoughts on “Creative University Project… Sneak Peek!!

  1. Woo hoo, so excited! Your jewelry class was my favorite last year because it's a craft I had never tried before then.

    I can't believe it's only a week away, so much to do before I can relax and have fun with friends, old & new.

    C.U. soon, too! 🙂

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