Creative University Recap Post #1

Creative University Recap Post #1

Oh my gosh, I have been SOOO sick this past week.  Hopefully since this is my birthday (I’m celebrating the sometheenkth anniversary of my 21st birthday on Tuesday) week it will get better and we can have some fun with cake and ice cream and friends this weekend!  I did go back to the dr again last night and he gave me antibiotics for this bronchitis and it seems to be workin already! YAH!

The crappiest thing (can I say crappy on a blog?) is that this sickness has put a real downer ending to a really FABULOUS retreat with some AMAZING women at Creative University.  I had a most wonderful time but I feel a little like that come home “high” from the retreat was stolen from me so I’ve been trying to “regain” my “high” by looking at the pictures and projects from this AWESOME weekend! I had SUCH a good time and think this year was even more fun than last year!

Here is our CU 2011 class photo.  I made it to the photo this year! LOL! Let’s play “Where’s Erin?” and see if you can find me 🙂


Creative University Recap Post #1

Part of my birthday celebration was Brent and I spending some time together on this trip.  The other part comes later this month… more deets later.   So anyway, Brent and I drove up to CDA (Coeur d’Alene) on Thursday and camped out at the Days Inn hotel.  It was quite a beautiful drive with the exception of the snowstorms we hit in the night as we crossed over the Rocky Mountains two times on curvy mountain roads.  I think if it wasn’t dark it would have been more of a fun adventure, but driving in the dark in a snowstorm is always a bit scary for me.  Friday morning we loaded up in the car and headed over to Camp Lutherhaven so I could get checked in and unpacked and start the fun.

Friday during the day was mostly free for us.  I packed my little “go to” crafty crop bag ($6 @ WalMart – sweet!) full of goodies and started playing…  We had a fabulous “Card Boutique” that was presented by Sheila Bennett and Donna Smith.  Here are the projects we made.  I didn’t follow all the instructions so if mine look slightly different than others you may see  on other blogs, that’s why.

Sheila’s Cards:  These are all little cards that you can slip gift cards in… or a wad of cash…..


Donna’s cards:  Super fun cards with some springy new CTMH papers.



Also on Friday morning I had a mini class with my Charm Fairies/Teacher Assistants to help them make their projects for my class since they’d miss being students in my two classes.  From left to right:  Kari Seals, Michelle Johns, Tamara Wederber, and Melody Pugh.  These girls were so awesome and so much help!!


I taught one class Friday night and one class Saturday morning.  I will share pics of the class and the project tomorrow.

Also on Friday Tresa presented her teachers with some fabulous gifts… sexy aprons and some va-va-vooom hair bows!  I absolutely LOVE mine.  It’s perfect and totally me!

I will be back tomorrow with some pics of my class and class project… here’s a teaser:


Inky Smiles!

3 thoughts on “Creative University Recap Post #1

  1. Happy, happy birthday sweet friend! I'm so sorry to hear you have been so sick and I hope these antibiotics will kick the bug to the curb!

    I found you in the picture! I had to enlarge it to be sure and I was right! Yay!

    The projects look so fun and I'm glad you had some extra time with B, too!

    Enjoy your special day, Erin! May this coming year be your best one yet!! Hugs!

  2. LOVED the macaroni art-part, Erin. Love my necklace even MORE. THANK YOU for the wonderful class and everything else you offer!! LOVE ya girl!


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