Cutting Fabric with Your Cricut & New Video

Cutting Fabric with Your Cricut & New Video

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around Big Lots while waiting for Brent to meet me at the ortho dr  for a knee check up and saw this FABULOUS beaded and satin fabric frame that just needed to come home with me.  {Seriously, it JUMPED into my card} So $5 and some tax later I was rolling all sorts of ideas around in my head for it. 

I wanted some cute letters cut out to spell “Fall” but didn’t necessarily want to just cut and glue some paper.  When I was sitting at my desk staring at various sheets of paper I caught a glimpse of my pumpkin scraps out the corner of my office… Hrmmm..

I’ve been wanting to cut fabric with my Cricut Expression for quite some time now.  I asked around and Googled it and decided on a method that works pretty well!  I cut out some fabric letters and adhered them to a piece of linen textured chocolate brown cardstock and placed it behind the glass.

Here’s my finished project:


It’s PERFECT nestled amongst my pumpkins and fall foliage on the hutch/buffet in my living room. 

You might be able to see the texture in this photo.  The Cricut really did cut out the letters a lot more cleanly than I thought they would.  How fun would this be to cut out a cute phrase or image and applique to some baby onesies or a tshirt of your own?

And here’s a silly and short video @ The Inky Smiles Craft Lounge (sorry, it got cut into two pieces while recording on Ustream and I haven’t figured out how to splice it and re-upload it yet) of me showing you how I cut fabric on my Cricut Expression.  Be sure to watch part 2 as well!  Each link opens in a new window.

Fall For Fabric Cut On Your Cricut {Part 1}

Fall For Fabric Cut On Your Cricut {Part 2}

~Inky Smiles

7 thoughts on “Cutting Fabric with Your Cricut & New Video

  1. falalala…….good recovery! So, I must say I was happy to see your video on cutting fabric. I have tried several times to failure!

    I learned something important in yours….use fabric soon after you have ironed it!

    Question: Rather than stick the fabric to paper, could I now iron the letters down on more fabric?

    You've got my e-mail….please let me know, Erin!

  2. Hi Erin,

    Just got done watching your great tutorial! LOVE it! I was wondering if you used the regular blade or the deep cut blade? I'm assuming the regular one, or you would have said so.

    So glad you are having a great time with your bug (the good kind)! Keep sharing the great ideas!!!


  3. Wow! I have enjoyed the last two hours pouring over your blog and Ustream! I got to you from Tresa Black and thank God I did, you are awesome!

    I have two questions…
    #1 – which blade was used to cut fabric?
    #2 – how do i get to the Stamper Storage site to get them? It says access denied!

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