The Crazy Lady Returns

The Crazy Lady Returns

e7826-img_1033_thumb5b135d-2842271 Hello friends!  I’ve been absent for a while from the blog.  We’ve been crazy busy around here (that seems to be my life, doesn’t it?) again… Last Thursday I did a video at the Inky Smiles Craft Lounge and then it was crazy day after crazy day and I didn’t have a chance to post the pics of the book or anything else crafty fun.

Friday I had a bunch of errands to run and ppl to meet and 54 lbs of purpley grape goodness to pick from a generous neighbor’s fence line of grape vines… which we steamed and bottled that evening until 2:30 Sat am.

Saturday morning I got my hair cut and colored and then we ran family errands and did some major grocery shopping and started canning 30 lbs of chicken which lasted well into the 2 am hours Sun morning.

Sunday we slept in until 11 am and then finished canning the chicken, chicken soup, chicken broth and beef chunks.

Monday I worked all day and had things going on in the evening.

Tuesday I worked all day and had MORE things going on in the evening.

Wednesday I went shopping at Ikea with my friend, Valerie, did lunch and then hit the Rings n Things road show in Salt Lake City and tried to start getting the kitchen cleaned up.

Today I slept in a little and then ran errands and thought about cleaning my kitchen.  It’s still dirty.  Tonight I get to go take photos of some young friends who are headed on a group date for a fall dance at the high school.

And tonight I hope to get the mummy makeover book posted and shared here on the blog.

~Inky Smiles!

3 thoughts on “The Crazy Lady Returns

  1. Oh boy, Erin! You sure have been keeping busy. I have no idea how you can chicken, but awesome that you did. And all those grapes. You guys are going to be set!

    Just don't overdo it my friend. We don't want you to get sick after things calm down!

  2. WHEWWWW….not only am I impressed you did ALL THOSE THINGS in one week but I'm more impressed that you remembered them all…lol! You're such a “go-getter”…such an inspiration in and out of the “inky smiles craft lounge”!

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