Desperately Seeking a Nap

Desperately Seeking a Nap

bordersdoors4web-6422175I did it!!! Kristin called me at 4:15 A.M. with my “personal wake up call” and I leapt out of bed, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and threw on some makeup and headed out the door and met Kristin and Renae at my driveway. (I showered and fixed my hair last night so that I could just jump up and run a straight iron thru the front and mess up the back with some hairspray and be on my way.. much easier… now why can’t I do that for work and church? HAHA!)

We got to Borders in Provo at 5:00 A.M. and plunked our camp kristinrenae4web-9120915chairs down and bundled up in our blankets. It was soooo cold! There were girls and guys who camped out OVERNIGHT on the sidewalk… soem had just airmattresses and blankets/sleeping bags and others had full blown tents set up… The diehards up at the front of the line had a movie projector and were watching 27 Dresses on the side of the Borders building when we go there… I had to laugh, it was quite the sight! (This is Renae & Kristin on the right.)

renaeerin4web-4300158(Here’s me & Renae to the left.) When we first got there, we were about persons # 67-69, but by the time the doors opened, about 20 more ppl had met up with friends in front of us and cut in line. (It seems rude to me that people would do that… wait in line with the rest of us, sheesh.)

Anyway, each of us got our books and our tickets and went on our merry way. We stopped and had a hot breakfast at the Village Inn on our way home. I had so much fun hanging with my girlfriends & can’t wait to do something like that again…. We’re already planning our “Girls Afternoon” to go to lunch and do some shopping before the Meet & Greet & book signing on the 16th of this month…

Here’s some pics of our little adventure! I ‘ve got to scrap them!

1.) Watching the movie on the Borders building…
2.) The line wraps down down the side of the building…
3.) And it wrapped around the other side of the building….

twilightfrontline4web-7665053 twilightcorner4web-1245777 borders6amline4web-9027658


5 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking a Nap

  1. And you thought I was crazy for being a Black Friday shopper. I do have to say I purchase more than 1 book. Really I am wishing I would have been with you just for the fun girly time. Should I admit this? I have noteven begun this series of books, Twilight is sitting on my desk waiting to be pounced upon. From what I here I won’t be able to put it down. and I am the type of reader that gets deep in the book so I have to have a solid 24 hours to read the book. My new AGENDA read Twilight. Can not see movie until book is read.

  2. What fun! I haven’t done that since the 4th or 5th Harry Potter book when my brother and I went at midnight–LOL! Sounds like you girls had a great time 🙂 I want to read this one, but I’ll wait until Costco gets it in. Maybe in August when the 4th book comes out…

  3. You are a true friend, I would just have to stay up until 4am and then go, that would be easier for me than getting up at that hour!

  4. You crazy!!!Thanx for the birthday wishes!I had a great one!! Will post pix later on my blog… just don’t have any yettaking my camera to work manana!

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