Twilight… The Movie… & Crazy Fans

Twilight… The Movie… & Crazy Fans

Well friends, tomorrow morning I am going to try to haul my tired bum outta bed at 4:20 A.M. so that I can be at Borders with my friend, Kristin, who is probably the biggest Twilight Series fans that I know, and my friend, Renae, to pick up Stephanie Meyer’s new book, The Host, and tickets to a author greeting & book signing at Thanksgiving Point. I’m not obsessed with the series, but I did enjoy the read and am re-reading them to pick up things I missed (and so I can discuss it with my friends who are super fans), but mostly going for moral support for Kristin & to spend some time with a girlfriend on a little adventure. It’s been a long time since I did something crazy like this! Gonna bring my camp chair, my camera, and some yummy munchies and maybe a thermos of hot cocoa or great big Diet Mt Dew to keep me awake….

For those of you who are fans here is the official movie trailer (from Twilight Lexicon) below. (Warning, it’s the HD version and might take some time to load depending on your isp.)

The trailer not really what I expected & definitely hope the movie will be better than the trailer.

Twilight in HD

Not quite sure what I think about all of the cast and I hope the movie doesn’t sour my “reality” of the Twilight characters… Robert Pattinson is really not my version of Edward… he’s too short and somethign else I can’t quite put my finger on … The actor playing James is also not how I pictured James…. I think I was picturing someone more creepy and not so good looking… more scraggly like a fur tracker/hunter of old… Pretty much everyone else is “acceptable” as far as my version of them goes.. loL! (Well, sorta… I pictured Victoria as more of a Cate Blanchett with fiery red hair….)

And on a Paper Crafting note…..

I finished my sis in law’s planner today (copied the one that Alisha gave me in March & snapped some pics) and created a cook book for my mother in law for her bday (it’s my fav so far, also snapped pics to share) and picked up some fun stuff at the CTMH warehouse sale at the UV Women’s Expo on Sat… I might have to have to give something away in the next few days!! Stay Tuned!

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  1. While I am super excited abou the movie coming out, I am having mixed feelings like you. Edward is too “creepy” and not as gorgeous as I pictured him–but then it was Bella that saw him as gorgeous, not everyone else. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but he talks strange–too slow and too many pauses–does that make sense? His manner just isn’t how I pictured him. Have fun on your adventure!

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